There are many painting experts and professionals who prefer working with low VOC paint – especially in winter months. For the homeowners, one of the most important benefits of using low VOC paint is the absence of pungent paint odor. Not only this allows you to paint the interior ofInterior Paint in Winter Months your home during the winter months, it prevents you from the health hazards that are associated with the high VOC paints. Therefore, low or no VOC paints are perfect for winter interior house painting projects.

The main reason why low VOC paint allows homeowners to paint the interior of the house in the winter months is that they come with no odor. As a result of people who cannot tolerate the odor from the traditional house paints, prefer using low VOC paint in winter months, especially because they can keep the windows closed with low VOC paint. People with respiratory concerns often select low VOC paint because of a health interest.

Problems in Working with Traditional Latex or Oil Based Paint in winter:

Traditional latex or oil-based paints contain volatile organic compounds. These are actually organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature. Therefore, if you use these types of paint in winter, when windows are kept closed and a standard room temperature is maintained, a large number of molecules are evaporated and entered in the surrounding air. Not only these VOCs are responsible for a pungent odor, they are dangerous for kids, patients, and nursing mothers.

Low VOC paint as a solution:

With the advent of low VOC paint, the problem of painting the interior of your home in winter months can be eliminated. On the contrary of traditional oil or latex based paints, there is no longer an issue of odors or chemicals in the air when you are working with a low or no VOC paint.

High-quality low VOC paints are made in such a way so that they are not just odor free, but they actually help reduce other common odors in your home. The low or zero VOC formula actually helps keep powerful paint odors from pets, cooking and smoke at bay and ultimately keeps your room fresher in the winter months.

However, you need to consult with your local paint contractor before using low VOC paint for your home because they can guide you to the right paint and tools for your project.

One of the most important things that you can do to renovate the look and feel of your kitchen is to paint the countertops. Painting kitchen countertops are the right decision when a complete replacement is not possible for you. Updating your kitchen countertops with best qualityKitchen Counter Tops paint is a great way to achieve a new, fresh look without spending the extra cost of replacing the same entirely.

Before you apply paint on your kitchen countertops, you should carefully apply masking tape around sinks or remove them temporarily if possible. It is also important to clean the surface by using trisodium phosphate or use other chemicals according to the manufacturer’s instruction. It is also important to sand all of the laminated area by using a coarse sandpaper to rough up the surface. This is an important step of surface preparation as this helps the surface to adhere the paint well.

Once done, it is also important to prime the countertops by using an oil-based primer and a smooth roller. You need to allow the primed surface to dry properly before applying paint color on the countertops.

Mentioned below are some of the most important paint ideas that can be used for kitchen countertops:

Bonding primer with Epoxy paint:

When to use bonding primer with the epoxy coating is a subject that is often overlooked by the average homeowner when it comes to choosing the best paint for a kitchen countertop. However, according to the experts, a bonding primer must be applied to the countertop once the countertop is clean. You need to make sure that the bonding primer is completely dry and it is also important to read the label for drying instructions. The epoxy coating provides an abundance of benefits for kitchen countertops. Epoxy coating is super durable and it will withstand the wear and tear that countertops may encounter in the long run.

Stone Textured Paint:

Another great paint color option for kitchen countertops is stone textured paint. These types of paint allow for a unique option when painting kitchen countertops. With many high-quality stone textured paints available in the market, you can actually transform your worn or damaged looking laminated kitchen countertops by spending only a part of the cost of the replacement. These types of paints are also available in many different colors and have been tested to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

As a homeowner, you know that a painted brick has a style all its own as it looks more decorating and aesthetically pleasing. Painting the exterior brick can be a great idea as they can renew and modernize your home’s exterior. If you are planning on painting brick, you need toHome Renovation Ideas make sure to patch all types of cracks and ruts that are mainly caused by ivy breaking through when the bricks are outside.

By applying the following brick painting process you can actually renew and renovate your home’s exterior.

Clean the Brick:

The first step is to clean the bricks properly by using a pressure washer. A pressure washer is considered the simplest way of cleaning the exterior brick. When pressure washing the exterior brick, you need to set the pressure between 1500 and 200 pounds per square inch. You should not use higher pressure than this pressure range when you wash the bricks, as higher pressure can damage the mortar. In order to remove the more difficult mildew deposits, you can add some soap to the stream. The primary aim of the pressure wash is to clear any dirt, grime, and loose paint.

Remove Loose Paint:

You need to remove all loose paint which is left behind the brick face. Otherwise, this may cause early chipping when you eventually apply your coat. You can use a hand scraper to get the larger pieces. Never use a wire brush as it may damage the bricks.

Sand the Bricks:

Once the dirt and mildew are removed, you need to sand the brick smooth by using a good quality sander with a minimum 80 grit paper. You should also repair any missing or damaged mortar. It is good to use a premixed acrylic mortar patch as it enables you to prime and paint as soon as it is dry. You can also use a powder mortar and mix it yourself, but this will take few weeks to dry before you are able to begin priming. It is also important to apply a good quality primer on the brick before painting.

Paint the Brick:

When you are choosing exterior paint to apply on the brick, you should choose elastomeric or 100% acrylic latex. It is good to apply at least two coats in order to achieve the highest durability. To get the best result, you need to brush and roll the bricks as you would any other wall.

When it comes to protecting the value of your house, the best thing you can do is to keep your house exteriors clean, especially the exterior roof. Your home’s exterior roof is exposed to weather and other elements and it is important to take proper care of your roof to make sure itExterior Roof lasts longer.

Cleaning your roof has numerous benefits as it helps you to maintain the overall health of your house. It is important to keep your exterior roof free from algae, moss, lichen, mildew, and others. These types of stains are very harmful to the health of your exterior roof and cleaning the stains regularly can provide you with a number of benefits.

Helps Your Roof To Get Rid of Moss:

By cleaning your exterior roof you do not ensure that your house looks beautiful but it helps you protect your roof from harmful stains like moss. Moss is really harmful to the roof as it works it ways underneath the shingles and put them away from your roof. This created visible pits on your roof’s surface. The only way to prevent this situation is to get rid of the moss. Therefore, cleaning the moss off your roof helps you protect your roof and save a significant amount of money as well.

Prevents Algae Growth:

Regular cleaning of your exterior roof also helps prevent the algae growth. In case you find black streaks on your house’s exterior roof, chances are that they are being caused by algae. These types of black algae can grow anywhere on your roof and if it is exposed to the sunlight, it will be very difficult for you to remove them without the assistance of the professionals. If left unattended, these black algae can cause your roof to absorb more heat and indirectly increase your energy costs when you try to keep your house cool by using the air conditioner. Therefore, cleaning the algae regularly can make your home more energy efficient.

Also, just because you cannot see the mildew and algae growing on your roof, it doesn’t mean they are not there. Algae and moss cannot be seen when they are in the initial stage of growth. But if you overlook them, they can cause a tremendous amount of damage. Therefore, it is important to call the professionals to inspect your roof because they are the experienced in this field and can give you suitable suggestions about how to protect your roof from these perils.

Choosing the best paint color for your bathroom is a bit difficult as you cannot use the same paint for the bathroom that you use for your bedroom walls. The golden rule is to choose shine paint sheen so that it becomes easier to clean the wall. The shinier the paint sheen, theDurable Paint For A Bathroom easier it is to clean the surface. Also, choosing a shinier paint allows the walls to better resist the moisture. There are many painting experts that recommend using semi-gloss paint in bathrooms as it helps to repel moisture. You can also choose eggshell and satin paint in case if your bathroom doesn’t get a lot of use.

Semi-Gloss Paint:

Semi-gloss paint is often considered the best paint finishes for bathrooms. This type of paint has a shiny sealed texture which is good for repelling moisture in your bathroom. You can use semi-gloss paint for your bathroom cabinets. A bathroom is a place where high humidity is a common problem, which can be harmful to some paints. However, with semi-gloss paint, you can expect a long lifespan with a very little maintenance. Also, you can find semi-gloss paint which is specially built for bathrooms. This type of paint can prevent mildew or mold growth.

Satin Paint:

Satin paint is another popular paint finish for the bathroom and is used mainly for its durability. This type of paint offers some sheen and can frequently be used in high-traffic areas of the home including a bathroom. Satin paint can also hold deep cleaning and scrubbing that bathroom surfaces usually endure. You can use satin paint for windows, doors, trim and other surfaces in a bathroom that you touch regularly.

Eggshell Paint:

Eggshell paint is another durable paint finish which can add a good texture to your master bathroom walls. This type of paint offers a little light surface that creates an attractive dimension. Not only is eggshell paint durable but it is good for bathroom walls and suits the walls that are bumpy, damaged, or warped. As the eggshell paint provides your bathroom surface with a smoother texture and low sheen, this will hide imperfections very easily. However, if you paint eggshell paint, it is important to purchase a good brand that is meant for bathrooms as the normal eggshell paint used for house paint is not designed to repel moisture or mildew. Therefore, it is important to spend some extra bucks to buy a good quality eggshell paint.

The perfect time to take care of your house and take necessary precautions is before the winter. This is the time when you should take care of every little thing that can create a huge difference for your home. Mentioned below is a list of exterior projects that should be done before theExterior house painting in winter winter arrives. Even you prefer to choose the professionals to check and complete these tasks, it’s worth the money.

Check Your Roof:

The roof is something that you should always keep up to date. It is fine to inspect your roof by using a secured set ladder. If you are not familiar with using a ladder, you can use a pair of binoculars and look for any curled or missing shingles, broken caulk, cracked skylights, and roof hazards. It is recommended to complete all the repairing jobs of your roof before the winter, otherwise, the frost and snowfall in the winter may damage your roof permanently. If you’re unsure about how to start with the roof repairing task, you should call the professionals for major or minor repairs.

Exterior Walls:

Another important home improvement project you should complete before the winter is the exterior wall maintenance. You should look for any chipped or peeling paint on the exterior walls and repair the same immediately. It is important to scrape off all peeling paints and apply a fresh coat of paint. What you need to do is to power wash the entire exterior wall and check for any loose or peeling paints. If you are not comfortable with applying a whole lot of paint to the entire surface, you can spot paint the exposed surface before the winter. Under any circumstances, you should not leave your wood exposed since the wood will begin to rot in winter. Therefore, it is important to apply a fresh coat of paint on the exposed wood as well.

Caulking Exterior Windows and Doors:

Caulking exterior windows and doors is an important task before winter as it seals up all little cracks and holes where cold air might enter the home. Caulking is important for not only to prevent the cold air but also to prevent the moisture from entering your house. It is important to apply high-quality silicone caulk for exterior windows and doors as it is long lasting than other types. Before you apply new caulking, kindly make sure to remove all old caulking and dirt from the surface.

Choosing low VOC paint in your house painting project is an important step as it provides you a chance to turn your exterior or interior painting job green. Low VOC paints offer the same results as the other paint does, but they have very little or no odor. These types of paints are widelyLow VOC Paint Benefits popular nowadays and this is the reason why the paint manufacturers have started to produce low VOC paints. Low VOC paints usually have a VOC limit of less than 50grams/liter in flat paint.

Hazards of Using Regular High VOC Paints:

The smell that comes from the new paint is actually caused by Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. VOCs help make the paint easier to spread and more durable. Although VOC paint has positive effects on the quality of the paint job, they can have very negative effects on people’s health. VOC can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness and other health hazards and can even permanently damage the kidneys. The only way to reduce the danger of VOCs is to choose low VOC paints instead of the regular paint. It is easy to be applied on the house exterior or interior and it costs about the same as buying a regular paint. Mentioned below are some of the other benefits of using low VOC paints.

Low Toxic Emissions:

Using low VOC paint is more beneficial in an interior paint job. Actually, the indoor air tends to be more toxic than the outside air. The indoor air is largely polluted by the toxic emissions that come from the regular paint. However, the low VOC paint has very low toxic emissions and impacts less on the room’s air quality. Low VOC paint is odorless or has very little odor, which also helps to reduce allergy-causing toxins. As a result, people or your family members with chronic allergies will have much easier time inside the room.

Worth the Cost:

Low VOC paint could be a little more expensive than the regular paints. As a result, many house owners shy away from using low-VOC paint, thinking it’s more expensive. However, these types of paints are high-performance that means you might have to repaint your house once in every 10 to 20 years. On the other hand, the low-cost regular paint ends up costing you a much more in the long run as they need regular maintenance. Purchasing low VOC is considered as a onetime investment and it’s worth the value.

Painting the interior of a house can be a bit tricky. You just need to apply a fresh coat of paint on the interior walls. However, the results may not be the same what you expect. The task seems easier, but there are many different things that only a professional painter can handle. The mostInterior Home Paint difficult part is to apply paints on those delicate parts of your home, such as the moldings, ceilings, staircases and the wooden cabinets. This could be a bit tricky and only a professional painter can provide you with the best results according to your expectation.

Expectation #1: Great Finish:

The most important thing that you can expect at the completion of your interior painting job is the finish. The professional painters have the necessary skills and expertise to make your house look superb. The professionals will provide you with a great finish that you cannot receive from an inexperienced painter who will do an unappealing, sloppy paint job. The interior of your house is something that a visitor first sees when he/she enters in your house. With a professional painter, you can surely expect that the end result will be of high quality.

Expectation #2: Right Equipment for Painting:

The professionals also have right and high-quality equipment required for the paint job. When having the interior of your home painted, you can expect that the professional painters would bring all types of necessary equipment that will be required to accomplish the best result. For example, you can expect that the professional painters will bring sprayers, different types and sized rollers, paint brushes, which will help them to work quickly and efficiently. In some cases, you may need to complete the interior paint job within a little time. Only the professional painters, equipped with necessary paint equipment, can provide you with the best result in this case.

Expectation #3: Paint will Remain Intact:

Another important thing that you should expect when having the interior of your painted by a professional painter is the durability of the paint job. The professional painters know everything about the surface preparation, priming and others, that will actually help your paint job to last for years to come. Also, the professionals know how to take precautions to protect your house interior from certain weather conditions. Therefore, the paint job done by them will be the one that you can cherish for years.

Colors can always take a great role in improving the looks and feel of your home. When it comes to choosing the best paint color for your home, there are numerous choices that can confuse you. With numerous paint shops and thousands of color options, it becomes really confusing to decide which color to choose. There are times when you visit numerous paint shops but cannot find the right color tone matching your home style.

The best way to get rid of this problem is to appoint a color consultant. The color consultants have pretty great ideas to provide you and with the help of them, you can choose the best color that exactly matches your style. In most cases, the color consultants use advanced tools that are basically designed to help people choose the perfect paint color for their home.

Finding a Good Color Consultant:

If you cannot find a color consultant in your locality, you should go online and search for color consultants. The Internet is an immense source of information regarding various color consultants’ office and how they can help you in choosing the perfect color for your house. Once you are able to locate a color consultant that can help you, it’s only a matter to visit the consultant’s office in person and choose a color based on his/her suggestion.

How Can a Color Consultant Help?

Although there are many paint options, it is always important to consult the experts before choosing a particular color for your house. The consultants are expert in this field and they have years of experience of helping clients. Once you visit a color consultant’s office and ask them for their suggestion, they will ask you about your preferences, house location etc. In many cases, they will need to visit your house in person to get a view of your neighbor’s house, the furniture you have in your home, the environment, and every other minute details that could take an important role in selecting a paint color for your home. Based on their inspection, they will suggest you the best color option that can match every single aspect of your preference.

Apart from that, the color consultants have advanced paint tools and paint calculators that help them to suggest a good color option that suits your house the best. However, you should always check the authenticity of the color consultant before you sign a contract with him/her. Before you book a consultant, you need to ask them about how long they are in this field and few references of actual clients whom they helped previously.

As the year passes, your furniture grows older and looks shabby. The best way to regain the old beauty of your furniture is to refinish them by using stain or paint. It might look easy, but the task of refinishing old furniture by applying fresh stain and paint is really difficult. It may distortPainting old furniture ideas the looks of your furniture if not properly done. However, it is possible to turn them into an easy one by following some simple steps.

Remove Old Finish:

The first step to stain your old furniture to make it look new is to remove the old finish. Although it is the most tiresome and messy task you can do it properly by using chemical strippers and sanding. Chemical strippers are also known as paint strippers and they can be the most efficient products for removing paint and old finishes from your old wooden furniture. However, before using chemical strippers, you should take proper safety precautions like wearing rubber gloves, eyeglasses, dust mask etc. You need to make sure that there is proper ventilation when you are removing old finish from your old furniture by using a chemical stripper.

Filling the Grain:

The next step is to fill the grain by using good quality wood filler. It is important to use a proper rag or stiff paintbrush when using wood filler. However, if the wood already has a tight grain, then you may skip this step as you will not require grain filler.

Applying Stain on the Furniture:

When it comes to applying stain on your old furniture, there are many different options to choose. For example, you can choose from water-based stains, oil-based stains, gel stains, and one-step stains. Always use a good quality paintbrush or staining pad to apply stain on your old wooden furniture. Remember, staining pad is ideal when it comes to applying stain on wooden furniture, but you can also give paintbrush a try. Also, you should follow the manufacturer’s instruction when applying stain on wooden furniture.

Applying a Clear Coat of Finishes:

You should also consider applying a clear coat of finishes to give your old furniture a newer look. Depending on your choice, you can choose any of the clear coats available in the market. For easy application, use a clear coat and apply evenly. Don’t forget to follow the natural lines of the wood. Once you apply the final layer, it is important to allow the surface to dry for at least 1 hour.