The right paint color can actually accomplish a lot for a room of all sizes. A good paint color can impress everyone in the room and bring good energy to your living space. On the other hand, choosing a wrong paint color actually, create a negative impression.Best Wall Colors for Small Rooms

Choosing the best wall colors for small rooms is actually a bit tricky. A well-chosen wall color can make a room feel much bigger that it really is, on the other hand, if you cannot choose a proper wall color for a small room, it will actually ruin the entire effect. You shouldn’t be afraid of bringing color into your small room, where you can use the best paint colors to create a cozy or soothing retreat.

People often think that white is an only color option for small bedrooms. However, the truth is, if you love colors, there are many ways to incorporate the same into your small bedroom without it overwhelming the small space.

Also, there is a misconception that a small room should always be painted in white to make it look larger. However, the reality is that you can use any color that you find relaxing for a small room. It is also true that there are many homeowners with small rooms and they usually stay away from dark colors. However, modern designers advise using any color you prefer, even the dark colors. Mentioned below are some important color ideas for small rooms.

Use Saturated Hue:

According to the professionals and paint experts, choosing all-round colors can actually make a small room feel larger. You can use a saturated hue on the walls as it can be perfect for small spaces. The most important key is to keep a balance between the colors with the softer neutrals so that the room doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Gray and Blue Shades:

The use of gray and blue shades can also help visitors think that the room is actually more expensive that it is. If you paint the walls and trim in the same paint color, it can actually make your ceiling look taller.


Another important paint color that you can use for the walls in a small room is a skylight. Skylight is actually an amazing color that gives a clean and light gray-blue appearance. Cool colors like skylight actually provide your room with a fresher and brighter feeling. On the other hand, warm colors create a feeling of intimacy and softness.

Crown moldings are considered among one the most important architectural features that are able to add value to your home. Once applied properly, crown moldings add a perfect visual presence that can make any home feel more pleasant. Unless you are living in an old styleCrown Molding home beautifully crafted with lovely crown moldings, your home is actually lacking this unique architectural details that can add beauty to your home.

Fortunately, crown moldings can be added to any home, regardless the height of your ceiling as long as you choose the right type of moldings. There are professionals who can help you guide through the procedure by helping to choose the correct moldings you’d surely love. Before you add crown moldings to your home, consider the following ideas:

Consider the Home Style and Ceiling Height:

The type of crown moldings you need to choose for your home actually depends on the height of ceilings and the detail of the other moldings around the fireplace as well as the baseboards. It is obvious that the overall style of crown molding is actually very traditional. Therefore, if you have a modern house, crown moldings of a traditional style may completely look out of the place.

However, if you want crown molding in your contemporary house, but also like the traditional style, you should consider choosing simple furniture with clean lines and very little pattern. This type of architecture will surely give your space the feel you look for and enhance the overall beauty of the house.

High Ceiling:

If you have a ceiling which is 10 feet tall or higher, you can consider choosing a 1” of width for each foot of the ceiling height. However, this is not a set rule as this will not work for lower ceilings. For example, you will never use an 8” wide crown molding in your room with 8’ tall ceilings.

Consider The Furnishing Style:

Apart from the ceiling and type of house, the next thing that contributes a lot in choosing perfect crown molding for a house is the furnishing style. For example, if you have traditional furniture that is brightly colored, the size of the crown molding should be something that can hold its own against the furnishings. On the other hand, if you have a clean-lined furnishing with a neutral look, you need to choose a simple crown molding which is free from any pattern and ornamentation.

There are lots of homeowners who are interested to know the basic differences between fog coating stucco walls and painting them. This is also a common question among the people around the globe since both these options are popular and have very different characteristics.fog coating vs painting stucco Also, both of these options have their own pros and cons.

Mentioned below is the most important differences between fog coating and painting stucco walls.

Fog Coat vs Paint:

The fog coat is basically a mixture of three ingredients- white Portland cement, lime, and pigmented color. You can mix the color powder within the fog coat to match the desired color of the existing stucco.
On the other hand, paint is usually made from different types of pigments, resins, solvents, and various additives. You can purchase many different paint colors as required for your stucco walls.

The Application of Fog Coat and Paint:

There is a basic different between the application processes of both these materials. While the fog coat can only be applied over traditional cement-based walls like the stucco finish, one can apply the paint to virtually any type of surface as long as you are using the correct type of paint for your painting project. Mechanically, fog coat is not meant for applying on the previously painted surface. Also, fog coat is not suitable for the surfaces that have acrylic or synthetic finishes.

On the other hand, paint can be applied literally on any surfaces you have. The only thing you need to maintain is to choose the correct type of paint. This is something that makes paint standout among the other counterparts like fog coat and others.

Cost factor:

The cost for applying fog coat over the stucco walls generally depends on the type of manufacturer you choose to purchase your fog coat for a particular project. Each one has its own distinct features, which is associated with the material itself. However, on average you can expect to pay around $2 to $10 per square foot for the fog coating.

Likewise, the cost of applying paint over the stucco walls also depends on the type of paint choose for the project. However, the cost of applying paint over stucco walls is relatively higher than the per square foot fog coat cost. This is because of the high cost of the exterior paint itself. The cost can be even more for using better quality paint.

You probably have stood in front of paint rollers in your local paint store or home improvement store and wondered what the difference between roller cover is. Some of the paint rollers are thick and some are thin. Also, they come in many colors. All these make you little paint roller brand

Actually the surface you’re going to paint determines the type and thickness of the paint roller you will need to choose. For example, thick roller covers are ideal for using on stucco, decks, bricks, and masonry. This is because the thick roller covers can hold more paint and can be good for rough surfaces. Medium nap roller covers are ideal for ceiling and drywall. On the other hand, small roller covers are good for walls, wood, and metal surfaces because they produce the smoothest finish.

Roller Cover for Bathroom:

Painting your bathroom is an important task that requires an adequate amount of research and technique. There is two basic type of paint roller cover that comes with large 9-inch roller frames and a smaller 4-inch style. You can use the large roller for bigger surfaces of your bathroom like walls and ceilings, while the smaller style roller covers are ideal for doors. If required, you can screw on a paint roller extension pole to each roller frame to make sure you reach the high places easily. If you want no roller edge lines to show up in your finish, you can choose the rounded end of the foam roller cover.

Microfiber Roller Covers:

Actually, the roller covers are made from woven materials. They also come in various styles and colors. For example, white, yellow, and blue paint roller covers are widely popular. For the bathroom, you can choose microfiber roller covers as well. These types of roller covers come with a white cover with diagonal blue stripes. These types of paint roller covers work the best on light to the medium textured surface and can be the best choice for your bathroom. However, if you have a smoother surface on your bathroom walls, you can use a white woven short nap roller, especially for the edges. This type of roller cover will provide you with an ultra fine finish.

When it comes to purchasing roller covers for your bathroom, you always need to choose the best ones that you can afford. Usually, the high-quality roller covers will last much longer than the cheap ones and will give you a better result.

House paint, varnishes, primer, and other decorative products or protective solvents come in many varieties and most of them are dangerous to house pets like dogs and cats. Water based paints including latex, tempera, and poster paints are also harmful to dogs and cats. Older pet friendly paintpaint products may also contain lead; even lead-based paint was banned in 1977 by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). All these types of paints are really harmful to your pets and you need to take preventive measures before you start painting your house.

Pets are naturally curious in nature and they may walk through your painting supplies, work area, or on a freshly painted surface. During this time, your lovable pet may intake a small amount of paint while grooming or licking off fresh paint. In such cases, if your dog or cat is exposed to paint through licking or grooming, serious health hazards could occur. This is the reason you need to keep your house pets away from paints and varnishes at all times whenever possible.

There are few things that you can do to prevent your house pets being harmed by paints.

Store Paint Products Safely:

It is important to store all your paint products including paint jars, brushes, roller, and other instruments safely out of your pet’s reach. You should be aware of any unwanted events when your pets may reach to the paint products accidentally and be affected by the paint or varnish poisoning.

Remove Paint Wastes & Cleaning Supplies:

Another important thing is to properly dispose of paint wastes as well as other cleaning supplies. It is always important to keep your house environment safe and if the case of any hazard, please call your veterinarian or pet poison helpline number in your locality. Pet poison helpline generally available 24/7 for pet owners that require assistance for treating a potentially poisoned pet.

Keep Your Pet Outside Until The Paint Is Dry:

You can also keep your pet cat or dog outside the newly painted room until the paint is properly dry. It is also important that area is properly ventilated. In order to do this, you can keep your pet in a kennel for few days. Once the paint is properly dry and the area is well ventilated, you can bring back your pet in your house.

Check Your Pet’s Environment:

Once the paint project is complete, you should be aware of your pet’s environment and clean the place properly. Remove any loose paint chips from the area and make it clutter-free. This will keep your pet safe.

Vinyl shutters are often considered as the best choice over wood shutters because of their durability, cost effectiveness, easy installation, and choice of styles. However, the main problem with vinyl shutters is that they will start fading after few years. Now the question arises, can Paint Vinyl Shuttersfaded vinyl shutters be painted? With modern paints and professional painters available throughout the country, faded vinyl shutters can be painted. In fact, faded vinyl shutters will hold paint well. Therefore, it will be wise to paint faded vinyl shutters whenever required.

Mentioned below are some basic guidelines and tips for painting faded vinyl shutters:

Surface Preparation:

Like many other paint projects, the first step to painting your faded vinyl shutters will be a good surface preparation. You need to check carefully whether the shutters are affected by any wasps or other insects that may have nested behind the vinyl shutters. It is also important to reattach any loose shutters.

Cleaning the Vinyl Shutters:

Next, you need to clean the faded vinyl shutters to make sure that it is mildew free. You can use a solution of mild detergent and chlorine bleach to clean the dust, mildew, and dirt. While cleaning the shutters, you need to wear proper eye and body protection, especially when you are working with any chemical. A long handle scrub brush will make your work easier. When cleaning the shutters, you should make sure that the surface is free from any loose and peeling paint.

Priming the Vinyl Shutters:

When vinyl shutters are properly cleaned, you will need to apply a coat of good quality primer. However, the primer will not work if the old paint is an oil-based paint and the new paint is latex or acrylic. In that case, you will first need to sand the oil paint to remove any gloss and then apply a 100% acrylic primer. You can use a primer properly tinted by the paint dealer to closely match the finish color for a better result.

Painting the Faded Vinyl Shutter:

Once the primer is done, the final and most important step is to apply paint on the surface of your vinyl shutters. It is usually recommended not to use a paint that is considerably darker than the original color. This helps you to avoid heat buildup that could cause warpage. It is important to use 100% acrylic paint because it is durable, resist fading, and adhere very well to the surface. Also, this type of color will dry very fast and the paint brushes can be easily washed with normal detergent and water.

Your kitchen has always been a potential source of pride, but today this concept has been taken to a whole new level, thanks to the professional painters. As a homeowner, we always want our kitchens to be stylish and functional. We always want to make our kitchenKitchen Cabinet Painting attractive and also durable. Kitchen countertops should always look pretty and unique, but they are also a place that needs to be modified whenever required. You can do the same by repainting your kitchen.

Painting is considered the best way to transform your kitchen. And the best way you can transform your old and dull looking kitchen is by repainting the kitchen cabinets. Painting kitchen cabinet is widely popular nowadays since there are distinct benefits of the same. When you are looking to choose the best paint color for your kitchen cabinets, the options are literally available. From more subdued, conservative color schemes to highly bright and eye-catching colors, you can practically transform your kitchen cabinets into new ones within a very short time. Mentioned below are the reasons why painting kitchen cabinets are so popular nowadays.

Less Invasive:

If you want to go for complete cabinet replacement, it will be a long project that generally involves a totally dismantled kitchen. On the other hand, painting can be done very easily and quickly, especially if you appoint a professional painter.

Less Expensive:

Painting kitchen cabinet is one of the least expensive and ideal ways to transform your old kitchen without paying the high cost of purchasing new cabinets as well as custom carpentry. Also, painting the whole kitchen from the scratch will be a costly and time-consuming project, but you can get the same feel and look just by painting the kitchen cabinets. And it would be less expensive as well.

Durable Finishes:

Painting your kitchen cabinets will also be a stylish way to renovate the old kitchen. When you apply the right paints and tools and hire the most skilled painters, it is going to provide you with a long-lasting effect. A paint finish that you will apply on your kitchen cabinets will be durable enough to last longer. By painting your kitchen cabinets, you will also improve the lifecycle of the cabinets.

Bonus Benefits:

Painting and staining your kitchen cabinets not only increases the beauty of your old kitchen, but it also adds a protective layer to your cabinets. Keeping this protective layer at full strength is a great investment as it will increase the lifespan of the kitchen cabinets.

When you have decided to revamp your garage or want to increase the value of your home, you can use epoxy garage floor coating to get the best balance of economy and quality. This will surely transform your garage into a practical and professional looking addition to your home.Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

There are many different advantages of epoxy garage floor coating. Mentioned below are the advantages epoxy garage floor coatings:

Professional and High-Class Appearance:

If you can apply epoxy garage floor coating professionally and correctly, this will provide high performance and professional look to any garage or workspace. By using epoxy garage floor coating, you can transform any normal looking garage into a superb workspace.

Moisture and Stain-Resistant:

Epoxy floor painting will also provide you with moisture resistant abilities. This makes it the perfect choice for the garage that gets their best share of spills and leaks. Epoxy garage floor coating also resists stains, including motor oil and other engine fluids. This type of epoxy finish remains fresh for years and wipes clean like a home kitchen counter.

Resists Damage:

Epoxy flooring is the best for resisting damage and abrasion. This means you can drive your vehicle into the garage without thinking about ruining your brand new floor. At the same time, epoxy floor coating will save your garage floor from any accidental drop of heavy tools.

Resurfacing Qualities:

Another important benefit of epoxy garage floor coating is that it has resurfacing qualities. In case your garage floor has a crack or if it is stained and worn down, then an epoxy coating is the ideal thing you need to resurface it. Epoxy garage floor coating is actually self-leveling and offers a smooth, polished finish that can actually repair all the blemishes and faults of your current garage floor. It is also a good way to refresh your garage look and you can even choose from a great selection of colors as well as patterns to brighten your garage floor.

Easy to Clean:

The most important benefit of epoxy garage floor coating is that it can be cleaned easily. You just need to use a mild detergent and water to clean the garage floor. This is because the epoxy garage floor coating is actually made to resist moisture and stains. As a result, it will be easier to clean any dirt, oil, or dust. Any dirt or oil will come off easily from the epoxy garage floor.

Wood siding is considered the most durable and attractive siding material for many houses, but it requires good protection from sunlight and moisture. There are mainly two common options for finishing wood siding. The options are paint and stain. Which one is better actually Exterior Wood Sidingdepends on many different factors, including your preferences for appearance as well as maintenance. Also, the condition of the siding is also important.

Paints Vs Stains:

When it comes to choosing between paint and stains, it is always important to figure out the differences between them a little more. Solid-color stains are almost identical to the regular paint. Both of them create a form of a layer on the surface of the wood. These types of paint or stain will not penetrate the wood. They both come in just about any color and provide the wood siding with the longest and most thorough protection.

Advantages of Stain:

However, the most common advantage to staining is that it will expand and contract more with the wood, enduring the changing weather most. Also, the stain is more breathable and it provides a natural airflow through the wood siding. On the other hand, paint usually creates a dry thicker coat that offers a substantial barrier.
Also, stain requires more frequent applications than paint, but it needs less maintenance to keep them looking attractive. Even if the stain ages and weathers, it fades slowly. As a result, you can refresh its look by using a simple washing clothes and applying a new coat stain. However, paint starts to crack or peel as it ages, which can make your siding look dull and unappealing. Also, the oil-based semi-transparent stains can penetrate the wood and are porous in nature. They are not also going to blister or peel in the long run.

Why Is Stain Better Than Painting?

If you have an existing home, you need to use the same product that was previously applied, whether it is paint or stain. However, if you have a newer home and wood siding, you should go for stain as it will provide you better protection. If you want to get the most out of the natural character of the wood siding, you can use a semi-transparent stain. On the other hand, if you are looking for a product that can provide you with a solid color and longer protection, you can use a solid-color stain. The solid-color stain will also be a cost-effective solution since it offers lower-maintenance cost.

There is nothing that can improve the look and feel of your garage for the least amount of money than painting your garage floor. Painting garage floor is one of the oldest and a cost effective way to brighten up the garage and transform the plain and dull looking garage floor intoPaint Your Garage Floor something you can be proud of.

There are many ways you can paint your garage floor, but two of them are very popular because of their cost-effectiveness. The first one is to use the traditional acrylic concrete paint. You just need to clean your garage floor properly before applying the paint on it. Once the garage floor is prepared well, the acrylic paint goes on very quickly with the least amount of fuss.

The next option is to use the standard epoxy paint. Although epoxy paint is little costly, it has epoxy added to the mix in order to improve the durability of standard paint. Epoxy paint is very easy to apply on a garage floor and it also comes in a variety of colors.

Mentioned below are the benefits of painting garage floors:

Moderate Amount of Protection:

The most important benefit of painting your garage floor with latex acrylic paint is that it provides the floor with a good amount of protection with a variety of colors to choose from. This type of paint is mold, water and mildew resistant. As a result, cleaning the garage floor becomes easier. Also, painting garage floor enables it to resist automobile fluids when it is cleaned up quickly.

Makes Your Concrete Dust Free:

Another important benefit of painting your garage floor is that it makes your concrete dust free. Bare concrete always produces a great amount of fine dust that can be tracked into your home or can be collected on your cars and work benches. By painting the garage floor you can actually prevent the concrete dust and at the same time helps to keep from tracking the dust and dirt into your home.

Durable and Prevent Impacts:

Besides giving your garage a great look and feel, painting on your garage floor makes it durable and flexible to impacts like chemicals, stains, and abrasion. With a painted floor, you don’t need to worry about damaging the floor if you drop a heavy garage tool or an auto part by any chance. Also, the thicker paint coating gives your garage a covering over minor imperfections.