Decorating and adding color can be really difficult when it comes to updating a room that has a particularly nasty color of ceramic tile. In the past, almost 30 years ago, harvest gold, avocado green, and burnt orange used to adorn many kitchens and bathrooms. Today, the idea ofpaint ceramic tiles removing and replacing the ceramic tiles is not financially feasible. Therefore, it is an ideal solution to paint over the ceramic tiles.

Problems in Painting Ceramic Tiles:

We all know that paint doesn’t like to stick to the slick, shiny surface of the tile. However, if you take a little precaution, it is possible to paint your tile and create a durable surface that is much more visually appealing than the outdated look you currently have in your ceramic tiles.

Tips To Paint Ceramic Tiles:

You should have a clear idea about what you can and cannot paint. You should not paint any tile surface that continuously gets wet. No matter how much experienced you are as a DIY painter, if you try to paint the tiles that surround your shower or even your tub, it is possible that the paint chips will be cleaned out of the bottom of the tub within a couple of weeks. The best idea is to hire professional painters to paint the ceramic tiles.

There are many different professional services available that will be ready to paint your ceramic tiles and fixtures in return for a nominal charge. It will really be wise to ask professional painters to paint things like your antique claw foot tub, toilet, and shower stall. These professionals have high-quality tools and specialized products that are required to paint ceramic tiles.

Preparing The Tiles for Paint:

Like much another painting project, the first step to painting you ceramic tiles is to prepare the surface properly. The ceramic tiles need to be etched properly and then you need to apply an epoxy paint. The goal is to create a surface that the paint will stick to. You also need to clean the tiles with a commercial tile cleaner by using a mild abrasive. This will surely remove the shine from the tiles and make it clean and nice to apply an epoxy paint.

Before you start applying paint over the ceramic tiles, you need to make sure that all abnormalities are addressed that might deteriorate the paint job. For example, all crumbling gout, mildew stains, and cracked tiles should be repaired at the very beginning of the paint job.

When it comes to winter, many of us become happy thinking about the slippers, sweaters; night’s cuddling with an extra blanket. However, there are a number of steps that you cannot just ignore only to make your home more comfortable during the winter. Taking these steps at theexterior caulking picture right moment can even help you lessen the extra cost of the heating bill in winter.

One such thing is caulking and you have surely missed a lot if you haven’t caulked your home before the winter comes. Caulking actually saves magnitude of problems when the winter is coming soon. Especially the newer houses should spend proper time for caulking prior to the winter. Caulking actually seals up all the little cracks and crevices that the actual building materials never cover.

Therefore, it is important to caulk anywhere cold wind might enter the home during the winter. It is important to caulk places like door frames, windows, telephone, and cable openings. If you are a wise homeowner, you will surely call the professional painters in your locality periodically and ask them to caulk your home not only to keep out the cold air but also to prevent moisture from entering the home. In fact, moisture is harmful and damaging for both new and old homes.

Purchase High-Quality Stone Caulk:

You should always ask the professional caulking expert to purchase high-quality silicone caulk. This type of stone caulk is very clean and can provide your home with a better and long lasting impression than other types. One just needs cartridges of caulking material as well as a gun to caulk places. This type of caulking gun usually has a trigger that you can use to apply caulking in a steady and even way. If you have a lot of areas to caulk, you should need to hire a professional caulking expert to figure out how much you will need.

Remove Old Caulking:

Another important thing you need to perform before start caulking your home is to remove the old caulking. You need to remove and wipe away all old caulks as well as other loose paint or dirt and dust. The easiest way to do so is by using a small razor blade or a putty knife to remove the old caulk. If you need to wash the area to remove the old caulk, always give enough time to dry it thoroughly. For the best result, you should plan to caulk on a moderate day.

Faux finishes are the best choice when you want to break the limits of ordinary wall paint. Faux finishes are ideal for creating surfaces that glisten in light or look like old-fashioned plaster. If you are one of those homeowners who prefer to think of a creative way to transform the faux finishnormal bare walls into something spectacular, faux finish is the most important choice for you.

The Faux finish actually gives your wall an artificial appearance to look like a material such as metal or wood. This also gives your wall an architectural style aesthetic. Mentioned below are some of the most creative faux finish ideas that are popular nowadays.

Faux Finish That Matches Your Most Love Fabrics and Materials:

If you are in love of the rough appeal of burlap and seagrass as well as the ultra smoothness of leather and suede, there are many faux finishes to transform your wall. However, you have to find out finishes and textiles that evoke an emotion in you that you’d love to carry onto your walls. It is important to try out a small area first before applying the finish to the entire wall.

Denim and Canvas Finishes Give a Casual Appeal to Interiors:

If you have a home with a formal style, then you may prefer a faux finish that comes with a slight pattern. This is just like your favorite denim jeans look for denim painting techniques. This type of small patterned faux finish can be achieved by using a small brush and dragging it vertically as well as horizontally through the paint for a small pattern, similar to casual denim.

Marbleizing Looks and Architectural Details:

These types of faux finishes are much popular among those who love the look of the veins in marble but can’t afford expensive materials in the interiors. For this, you have to look for a faux finish technique known as marbleizing that actually helps create the variegated looks of veins in the marble. At the same time, it increases the beauty of the varied colors with just a paint brush and the right paint.

Leather and Suede Faux Finish:

If you are looking for a faux finish that looks gorgeous and almost looks touchable, you may go for suede and leather faux finish. You can visit your local paint store to get the complete kits to get the ultimate look. Leather and suede faux finish can actually add extra beauty to your interior walls.

Whether you are a new parent looking for excellent color ideas for your newborn daughter’s bedroom, or are willing to come to an agreement with your teenage girl who wants to change her room from a little girl’s room to a grown up girl room, finding the perfect colors for your girl’s Girls Room Paint Colorsbedroom is not always easy.

Girls generally have a wide range of bedroom colors from where to choose. So, the task of finding the best color for a girl’s bedroom can seem overwhelming. You should start from choosing a color that your young lady loves, and then you need to build a great color scheme that works well with her teen eyes. Mentioned below are some of the most popular color ideas for a girl’s bedroom.

Retro-Inspired Pink Bedroom:

Pink could be the realm of princesses, but this is something that you can give to your girl’s room. You can combine a bright shade of pink with yellow, lime green and different other bright accents to create a feminine but strong look. A great and most favorite girl’s combination is bright pink and orange, and this can look better with pretty white furniture. Dusty pink with neutral shades of pink can create an elegant look that is both soothing and uplifting. Pink also creates a romantic mood that stays grounded.

Deep Reds for Sophisticated Look:

If your girls are mature beyond their age, you can consider using deep red and muted green for creating a cosmopolitan, sophisticated look. The combination of red and lime green walls with a set of black furniture and white accessories will surely create a modern and contemporary feeling. If you want to add even more energy to the girl’s room, you can throw some geometric pattern in a bright red color. Your fun-loving daughter may want to add some huge dots to their interior room colors. Vibrant reds and pinks with contemporary bedding in a coordinating pattern will really be exciting and interesting at the same time. However, today’s modern energetic and creative girls may be attracted to the energy of bright orange tampered with a pale shade of green and purple.

Neutral Color:

If your girl is an artist and has a creative mind, you can create a studio like an appearance for her room. You can do this by using neutral colored paint on the interior walls like soft yellow, green, or peach. These types of colors can either make it easier for re-painting in the future if needed.

When you have a painting project that you need to be done right, looking for an expert painting consultant is a great thought. With such a variety of painting workers out there, it can be hard to pick somebody who is ideal for your project.

Finding the correct painter implies asking some important questions, so here 5 questions you should ask your painter during the meeting Potential House Painterprocedure:

1. How will you get prepare for the job?

An expert painter will know precisely how to prepare your home or office, in case you are thinking about painting your office. Preparation may include removing chipping paint, caulking and priming and sandblasting to make sure a quality complete and dependable paint work. Ensure your painter can give you a list of the preparation procedure and a valid estimation of how long it might take to complete the job.

2. What will be the charge for the painting project?

If it is the first time you are considering painting then it is important to have valid cost estimation from the painter, as the cost can play an important role in the selection procedure.

3. What tools and paint do you prefer to use?

Either you are the first-timer or an expert, you have to know this. Does your painter use high-quality paint, or they are compromising here? This is critical to know before taking the final decision. While painting drywall, woodwork, cupboards, and doors, a genuine expert will use extenders.

4. Do you have any references?

An experienced and professional painter will have the capacity to accommodate you a list of past clients who have been happy with their work. If they cannot provide you such kind of things then please think about the next option.

5. Do you have a license and security insurance?

Painting experts should hold a license authorized by the valid authority. It guarantees that they meet the fundamental capabilities of a painter. They should have insurance as well so that you are not the one considered responsible if a painter gets hurt working on your property. It is a smart thought to ask for the proper documentation of these things.

Instead of these five questions, there are different things you can ask any potential painting expert depending on the kind of job you have. Just remember, if you are looking for an expert painter, then you have to enquire. And a genuine expert will not hesitate to answer them.

Cool Boys Room Paint Ideas

Designing a boy’s room is not an assignment for you if you are not so smart to tackle the situation. It takes a lot of dealing, some brilliant compromises and a couple of imaginative thoughts to achieve a great result that is pleasing to both the grown-ups and the children. However, there are a couple of basic ways in which you can plan and design a boy’s room without going over the edge on the financial plan. Paint not just empowers you to change the look of a room immediately; it does so in a cost effective manner as well.

Blue is the First Choice For Boys:

The typical boy’s room color might be Blue, yet that does not mean it is your only choice. Neutral colors, for example, Beige and Grey or even shades of Red and Orange can be used to make a space for your young fellow. And, definitely, he will love the color and it can help him to develop his mind and soul as well.

You can Prefer Combination Style:

The combination of solid and splendid colors works great in a boy’s room. You can try bright or muted shades of Beige and Brown. One more option will be to try Kelly Green with Yellow accents for a sunny look. A warm latte shade painted on the walls gets a genuine fly from Red furniture and encircled fine art. For an older boy, Grey walls look awesome with dark decorations. You can also think about including two or three touches of Red or Brilliant Blue to get the attention. An energetic boy may like a mix of Red and Orange, tied down by solid unpainted wood furniture.

Indeed, even delicate shades of White can take a shot at the walls, if you pick complements in brilliant colors, for example, Cobalt Blue, Lime Green, and Orange. Search for solid examples in bed clothes, draperies and throw cushions.
Remember the dimension of the room and the amount of common light. If he will be studying or placing models in his room, you will need to ensure the room is not excessively dim or dark.

No matter what color you have chosen to paint your boy’s room, using a semi-gloss is a smart idea as it is more durable and cleans more effectively, which will be a great help as your boys grow with the time. You can also ask your son about his preference as well.

You can transform your ordinary paint into an energy saving, thermal blocking coating material by using Radiant Barrier Paint. The idea behind Radiant Barrier was introduced by NASA in 1950 to keep the astronaut’s temperature stable inside their space suits as well as on space walks. However, today radiant barrier paint is considered as an inexpensive house remodeling product and is largely used by the general Radiant Barrier Paintpublic as well.

What is Radiant Barrier Paint?

Radiant barrier paint is generally produced with a non-toxic, chemically stable glass bubbles and is able to significantly block up to 99% of the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun. These types of paints can be applied to both the exterior and interior of a house and it acts as a protective barrier from the scorching heat of the sun. The very characteristics of radiant barrier paint even lower your energy bills and as an added advantage, this type of paint sometimes insulates from the sound as well.

How does Radiant Barrier Paint help?

You can apply radiant barrier paint anywhere as a primer on your interior or exterior walls. You can even apply this type of paint to the ceilings that face the scorching heat of the sun. As these paints are produced with ceramic and aluminum pigment, they will provide the painted area with a metallic reflective heat shield that reflects the heat back into the room. In addition, radiant barrier paint also creates a water vapor barrier that actually keeps your wall insulation dry and at the same time removes the damp feeling within your house interior. You can also apply a finish with a decorative color coat for extra insulation.

How Can Radiant Barrier Paint Help Save On Your Energy Bills?

Once you apply the radiant barrier paint on your exterior wall, it acts as an insulating coating to the walls and as a result you restrict the heat loss through the wall during the winter months. Similarly, it helps you gaining the heat during the summer. This eliminates the use the air-conditioners and as a result, you save high on your energy bills.

As mentioned earlier, the radiant barrier paint creates a thermally reflective layer that can reflect 99% of the heat radiation. As the thermal load of your home is lowered to a great extent, the air conditioner on your house run more efficiently and at the same time lowers your energy bills.

Professional color consultants are a good idea for those who find it difficult to come up with a color scheme for their house. Color plays a significant role in how you feel towards your home. According to the experts, at least 60% of people feel about your house based solely on its color. This is the reason we need to take the time to choose the best colors for the walls on the interior and exterior of our house.Paint Color Consultation Tips

A color consultant can you lot in this regard. They will show you how to use color to balance an open-style house and will even explain how you should consider the color of the flooring and cabinets when choosing a paint color. Mentioned below are some of the most common tips by a professional color consultant on how to pick the right color for your paint projects.

Start With Small Room:

It is true that choosing color takes a little time. It is possible that you come up with several different color ideas and paint finishes before you start applying color on your interior or exterior wall. In order to try out particular color options, you can start with a small room in your house, for example, a bathroom, small accent wall, kitchen etc. According to the color consultants, you should take a small amount of your favorite color and try painting a small accent wall first. This way you can know that you are experimenting with the color and can change your mind if the room does not look as you thought.

Consider the Mood of The Room:

The mood and the purpose of the room can play a huge role in determining the suitable color you use for it. There are some rooms, such as bedrooms, where you may want to apply a color that helps you relax and calm down. This is the reason most professional color consultants recommend to avoid bold colors since they can detract an individual from sleep and relaxation. For bedrooms, you can use neutrals and warm tones that promote a soothing appearance and help you sleep peacefully.
On the other hand, for other rooms such as playrooms, this could be a great idea to use bright and bold colors like orange and green.

As mentioned earlier, professional color consultants are the best choice when you are struggling to find out a perfect color to use in your rooms.

Coloring a home always need some passion and love for decorating your home. Based on the nature of human beings, there are different kinds of people who have different sorts of taste and preference. Some prefer elegant look whether others can prefer the rough look. Some prefer normal colored wall whether, on the other hand, some prefer accent walls. Rest of all can be achieved, but for the accent walls, you accent wall tipshave to make your mind at first. There are many people who have a query in their mind before deciding the color, and this is basically a normal query that which walls make the best accent walls.

Though you will find experts who can guide you through the process, but as a homeowner, you should have an idea. Choosing the perfect wall for accent option is itself a challenging job. At the very first time, you have to remember that accent wall will be a focal point in your room. So you have to understand that which wall of your room has those criteria to draw the attention of others. Here are some important things that you should keep in your mind while deciding on the accent wall.

  • WALL WITH NO INTERVENTIONS: 80% people choose a solid wall with no intervention behind a sofa or a bed. The reason is that it is no doubt a place where you can play with a bold color. It adds a visual interest as well.
  • A STRUCTURALLY DESIGNED WALL: 10% people prefer that wall which is slightly different, in the aspect of structure, with the other walls of the room. If you are in a process of building a new room, then ask your builder to make a symmetrical wall, so that you can make it a choice for the accent wall.
  • CEILING OF THE ROOM: Rest 10% people prefer the 5th wall of the room, which is the ceiling of the room. This is actually a trend right now. According to many experts, it is one of the best places to choose and make it an accent wall.

As mentioned before, different people have different choices based on their taste and sense of coloring. That is the reason why you have to consult with an experienced person before deciding these small but critical aspects of coloring a home. It doesn’t cost you a more but an accent wall can convert your room to a heaven where you can cherish your leisure time with your family.

There are so many reasons you will want to transform your old, tired looking kitchen cabinets into the cabinets that will make your entire kitchen look updated. Mentioned below are some reasons you should consider taking the time to paint your kitchen cabinets.painting Kitchen Cabinets

Advanced Products That Make It Easier To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Than Even Before:
Today, there are so many great paint products on the market that make it very easier than before to paint your kitchen cabinets. You can even find paint that requires no priming and saves time when applying on your old kitchen cabinet. These types of modern paints allow you to change the color of your tired looking kitchen cabinets without sanding, stripping, or priming. Even more, you can find many different paint colors in spray cans. Therefore, if you don’t have the patience to use a paint brush, you can spray on the paint.

Major Kitchen Upgrade at an Affordable Cost:

You can change the look of your old kitchen cabinets by applying the best paint. It can actually transform the whole kitchen to feel like it’s been remodeled. You can even give your old stock cabinet great look and feel by applying new hardware. Furthermore, by applying fresh paint on your kitchen cabinet, you can provide your kitchen with a major upgrade, which increases the value of your entire home as well in the eyes of potential buyers. In today’s market, painter furniture and cabinets are popular and painted kitchen cabinets can really update an old kitchen. Also, it is important to paint other furniture pieces in your kitchen like hutches, buffets etc, so that they can match or compliment your cabinets. It is really great way to tie in all of your colors.

Resale Advantage:

The dollars you invest in a kitchen cabinet remodel project will actually give you an advantage in the long run if you wish to sell your home. By applying good paint on your kitchen cabinets, you can majorly increase the price you receive from a house resale. Also, it decreases the amount of time you take to sell your home. Actually, an old, outdated kitchen is one of the top reasons a home takes longer time to sell.
Also, by painting and remodeling your old kitchen cabinets, you will get better storage options. Furthermore, the design changes in your kitchen can optimize the use of extra space for a more efficient flow.