3 Crucial Tips on How to Choose a Professional Painter

Choosing an expert painting contractor is as crucial decision as choosing paint. The good quality acrylic painting cannot make up for sloppy corners, poor surface preparation, drips and over charging. There are several painting companies with high integrity of workmanship and business practices these days. However, choosing a professional painter will help you to get a good condition house. Before selecting any plaster repairexpert, you can ask, examine and verify all the things that you require for your home.

Ask your contractor to show License:

Before assigning the task, you can ask to show his license. Or you can ask for his contractor or business license number. Through this number you can verify his entire information on many government websites, or with a call to licensing bureau. Licensed Clarksville painters have enough knowledge of business practices, quality products and good plaster repairs. Hence, an unlicensed expert can lead different issues that may hamper you later. Though, he would give you a nominal price, but at the end of the day you will get trouble.

You can ask for references:

Before the selection, you can also ask for genuine references from your Clarksville painters. You can collect the names, addresses and phone numbers. Every individual wants to find the best guy who can paint his house by giving it an elegant look. Now looking for someone who has enough knowledge is not that difficult one.

Examine the quality of work:

This is one of the most crucial points you need to check before hiring someone. You can call your references and ask their feedback. If you want to verify in this regard, you can drive by and have a look, obviously someone will have to open their home to you. In addition, there are many questions you can ask such as;
• Did the painters arrive on time?
• Did they move furniture?
• Did they provide best quality work?
• Did they clean the mess after their work?

So you need to check up the quality of work before giving the responsibility to someone.

Nevertheless, money matters a lot when the question arises on prices or charges. To verify if the price is in a normal range, you can ask for references what they paid and their feedback. Choosing a professional painter should carry both liability insurance and workmanship. A proficient painter will always have that reputation to provide the best quality work to his clients.

3 Plaster Repair Tips that Can Bring Old Walls Back to Life in an Interior Painting Projects

If you are going to undertake an interior painting job or a custom remodeling project of your old home, you shouldn’t be surprised if you find plaster walls that need to be repaired. Certainly, old ugly and damaged plaster is a cause of your headache during a home remodeling job. It is true that your old home has lot of charm in it. But when the plaster becomes the disaster, you have the real problem in hand.

Nevertheless, the problem regarding your old damaged plaster is fixable in most cases. And when the plaster damage is just too far gone to plaster repairrepair, you can go for other remedies as well, for e.g. overlaying with drywall or getting the best contractor to replace the plaster.

Mentioned below are three plaster repair tips you should keep in mind while undertaking an interior painting project:

Tip #1: Remove Old Wallpapers from Wall:

Remove all wallpapers or wallpaper glue residue. The best way to remove all wallpapers from the old plaster is to use a wallpaper paste remover or a steamer. Steamers are very popular and they are like simple machines. You have to fill the steamers with ordinary tap water. The steam is pumped through a hose to a rectangular dispenser. You have to hold the dispenser against the portion of wall where the wallpaper is pasted. The wallpaper will begin to bubble and peel since it becomes saturated. If you want to remove several layers of wallpapers you need to use either the steamer or the paste remover several times against the wall long enough the saturated area.

Tip #2: Repair all Plaster Damage:

It is important to repair all plaster damage by using a good plaster repair compound. Under any circumstances you should not use drywall compound since they will not work properly. Remember your old wall plaster is porous and you need a compound that is designed to work with a porous surface.

Tip #3: Use Oil Based Primer:

As far as the old wall is concerned, you should use good oil based primer. Oil based primers are little costlier than later primers. However, an oil based primer is the best to use during your interior painting project since it will prevent the plaster from bleeding through your newly painted walls. Plaster walls primed with oil primer will also last longer.

Finally, start painting your walls to give it a new look. Use latex based paints since they are ideal for oil based primed walls. Contact the best Clarksville painters for more information regarding interior wall paints.

3 Things Why Repairing a Damaged Plaster is Worth the Money in Your Interior Painting Project

There are situations when you are planning to repaint your house interior and you still have holes and cracks in your plaster walls or ceilings. Repairing isn’t difficult, and the best part is that repairing your damaged plaster can actually help your interior painting project. For Repairing a Damaged Plasterany interior painting project, it is very crucial to prepare the surface and maintain a proper surface so that the paint rightly adheres with the surface. Hence, it is important to repair the damaged plaster properly and to use primer before painting.

Why Plaster Repair is Important?

Plaster repair before painting is important for many reasons. First, it makes sure that the surface you want to paint can actually complement the paint. Second, it ensures the longevity of the paint as well as the surface. If you have a damaged wall that affects the plaster’s integrity and you just ignore it and paint over the damage, the whole painting project will likely to fail. The damaged plaster can immediately chip and crack or the surface may start to bubble over the time. In some worst cases, the damaged plaster section could fall over and hurt someone. Therefore, the plaster repair job should only be done by the experienced and professional painting contractors.

Determine the Reason of Damage:

Before you actually move to a plaster repair job, it is important to know the exact reason behind the damaged surface. There might be a leak or broken pipes and you should readily fix any issues regarding the leaks and broken pipes and remove soiled insulation. In case of any water damage, you should always apply primer on the stained area. Plaster repair is not always an easy task like the drywall. Unlike the drywalls, plaster should be applied in layers and if you have no experience in doing the plaster repair task by your own, it’s the job best left to a pro like Ellicott City Painters.

Who to Hire?

As mentioned earlier, the task of repairing damaged plaster is not an easy task and it should only be done by the professional plaster specialists. It is also important to apply high quality latex paint over the damaged plaster. The cost of hiring a plaster specialist will actually vary, depending on the extent of the damage as well as where the damage is located. Most of the service providers, skilled in repairing damaged plasters, will charge hourly.

3 Practical Ideas that Helps You Maintain Color Consistency on Big Interior Painting Project

Getting the most consistent interior painting color is easier on small painting project, since the paint you use generally comes from just a single can. However, things totally change when it comes to handle a big interior painting project where you need to handle several gallons of paints at a time. People often find this a great problem to maintain the consistency in their painting job as far as their interior painting is concerned. After the completion of the interior painting project, it is very common to find several areas where the color and the finish look Clarksville paintersslightly different than the rest.

Inconsistency in the color and sheen may happen due to many reasons. Nevertheless, good painting contractors like Ellicott City Painters should know how to avoid these issues. If you are planning to undertake the interior painting job of your home, you must follow the below mentioned rules:

Buy Your Paints from the Same Store or Contractor:

You must purchase all the paints required for the interior painting job from the same store at the same time. It is advisable to buy little more than you actually think you’ll need. This ensures that paint color will be the exact paint color. And in case if you want little more paint during the interior painting project, you can buy the extra paint from the same store.

Plan Your Interior Painting Project Accordingly:

You can reduce the number of times you need to purchase a new can of paint in the middle of painting task. A subtle change in the paint color on the same wall can be noticeable. However, it is not noticeable when it comes to different walls. The simple reason behind this is that color on individual wall look little different depending on the type nature of the wall and the amount of light it receives.

Save The Last Ounce of the Paint in the can:

While painting your indoors, never use the every last ounce of paint in the can. Leave a small amount of paint for necessary and note which parts of the walls or surfaces you painted with that particular can. Once the painting task is completed and you notice that some parts of the walls still need a touch-up, you can use the same can of paint that you used earlier.

Color consistency is a serious issue in any interior painting project and you should contact the best painting contractors like Clarksville Painters in order to avoid future hazards.

3 Unmatched Trends to Complement Interior Paint Colors to Lighting in Your Home Décor

For most of the people, the task of picking out interior paint colors can be quite an ordeal. Most of the time, you will be struggling with a common opponent, i.e. lighting. People generally concern themselves with being aware of the lighting in the paint store, and check the way how lighting changes the color. However, when they bring the paint in home, there is a pretty good chance the color can vary from room to room as well; all due to the different lighting in your bulbs. Isn’t this little problematic?interior

So, what could be the strategy for getting the best color palette that matches up with your interior lighting? First, you need to figure out the attire you want for the interior – the rest falls into place from there.Following are few interior paint ideas from Clarksville painters:

Vibrant and Energetic:

Vibrant and energetic color palette is ideal for all who love bright and bold theme. It fits those who like to make a brilliant statement with their colors. You can use bright and bold color schemes in places like bedrooms, game rooms, and dining rooms. Since you will get such bright colors to work with, you can really accentuate the color palettes with making them pop with a daylight bulb. This type of daylight bulb can actually mimic natural sunlight and can show the colors in their real form.

Romantic and Lovely Tones:

Those who want a romantic look in their interior walls can use red as a color to paint with. Red can be difficult to work with on the interior walls since it can be little fickle color to paint with. Although it works out the best in few rooms throughout the house, for example: bedrooms or family/living rooms. Since you want to set the romantic ‘mood’, you should arrange the lighting that doesn’t distract the color schemes on your interior wall. The lights of your room should complement the color palette. Soft and white style bulbs work the best since they offer a warm and yellowish glow to the room that is painted with red. This can even provide you with a very relaxing and romantic feel that mimics that candlelight glow to help create the ambience.

Comfortable and Subtle:

You may want to use colors that don’t need to be very bold to make you feel comfortable at home. So, a subtle tone in interior color palette could be the best in contemporary home décor. Hence, cool and cozy color hues can make the rooms a great spot to relax.

When planning for your next interior painting project, never compromise with the lighting. Fortunately, the Ellicott City Painters can offer the best paint ideas that create the exact look and feel in all lighting.

3 Drywall & Plaster Repair Techniques to Consider While Preparing Your Interior Painting

Drywall repair is considered as one of the most common interior painting preparation tasks. In fact, there is not even any interior painting project where some drywall repair is not needed. In most cases, the repairing job contains a simply spackling small holes for hangers to support pictures or shelving. Others are larger repairs that generally require drywall patches and replacement. Furthermore, door handles plaster repairpiercing the drywall, removing mirrors from wall, closing in a door or window, and water damage can all require installing places of drywall.

Usually, every interior painted wall has a particular texture. The most common textures are smooth, orange peel, and knock down. Following are three techniques from Clarksville Painters for each one of these textures:


This is where the drywall is not incorporated with any texturing added. As an interior painting preparation, you need to check whether the drywall is properly hung, joints are taped, and then whether it is floated along with the drywall screws. You can emulate this simplest texture by using the following steps:

You can apply the drywall mud to the holes or repaired areas with a proper drywall knife.

Plaster repair and sand the patch smooth.

Use a drywall primer in all patched areas.

Use appropriate roller cover nap size to paint the wall. Usually the nap size is one-half to three-quarter inch.

Orange Peel:

In order to repair the orange peel, the drywall companies generally use large pumps and spray a drywall mixture onto the walls. Orange peel is little harder to emulate. You need to apply the following techniques to emulate the orange peel:

You need to normally float the repaired drywall. It is even important to sand smooth or plaster repair the drywall.

You can apply drywall, paint mixture using the three-eighths or half-ince inch roller nap. The mixture should have a basic consistency similar to pancake batter. It is advisable to use ten parts drywall, with one to two parts paint.

The best is to apply a drywall primer before painting the patched areas.


It is also known as splatter which is accomplished by spraying globs of drywall mud onto the walls. After a certain period the mud will be dried but still moist, resulting the “splatter” smoothed with large flat plastic knockdown knife.

Proper and complete drywall and plaster repair is the key to an excellent interior house painting project. As a painting contractor Clarksville painters well understand that the preparation is the hardest and most time consuming part of painting.

Eliicott City Painters: 4 Interior Paint Color Ideas for Summer

Summer is fast approaching, and for a large number of people around the world, the to-do list to prepare for the summer months is only getting longer. One fun and easy way to get summer-ready is adding soothing color to your home interior with refreshing tones of citrus via lemon-lime hues.

The amazing palette of lemon and lime can make your home interior feel instantly fresh and tidy without applying a lot of effort. No matter plaster repairyou want to go with a few bright accent pieces or a lively, sleek coat of paint, zesty lemon and lime color shades is the perfect tone for summer fun.

Following is the 4 interior color painting ideas from Eliicott City Painters:

Try to Give your Entrance Splashy Attire:

If your front door is not quite lively, why you don’t consider giving it a fresh coat of color shades? Obviously you will want to use the color hue by taking references from your house color, but most neutral homes can best handle the pop of color on the front door. To give your front door a splashy look you can use a lime hue with coordinating themes from your interior home color palettes.

Lime Green for Interior Walls:

Lime green is always a bold hue, but pairing it with the shades of white or gray makes it more crisp and beautiful during the summer season. Try to add this color in your interior walls, along with having the same color covers for chairs or pillows. This will match the entire color scheme of your house interior and will give your house a refreshing appearance during the summer months.

Citrus Color in the Backyards:

Citrus color can give your backyards, balconies, and decks a natural look if applied properly. It has a rich neutral shade and is able to balance the look and set the interiors for summer evenings. You can create a stunning look during the summer evenings by adding the same citrus color hue on the chairs and tables in your backyards and decks.

Landscape Print for Your Bedroom:

You can easily energize your bedroom during the summer months by adding a graphic or landscape print on the bedroom walls. It is also important to use pillows and throws in the same complementary citrus shades. With landscape hue on the bedroom walls you can have the ideal tranquil backdrop for updated yellow and lime green accents.

Lastly, consider performing a total plaster repair job before adding any color on the interior walls.

Eliicott City painters: 4 Easiest Interior Wall Painting Touch Up Ideas

No matter you are planning to restore a new wall interiors or you have taken a new home renovation project, painting the interior wall is the basic task that you need to undertake at the very first moment. Touchups are also important in determining the aesthetics of your wall. Clarksville paintersInterior wall painting touchups if not done correctly, can ruin the whole taste.

Following are few helpful ideas and solutions to improve these wall painting touchups.

Which Paint to Use on the Wall?

The first thing is to know the correct paint that is on the wall. You have to have the correct color code and at the same time, you must know the exact shine level. It is important to decide whether you are going to use flat paint, eggshell or semi gloss or something different. Another important consideration while choosing the best touchups for your wall is to understand how old the paint is that’s on the wall. The best time for using touchups on the wall is when the wall paint is only a matter of weeks or a month old. But if it’s passed this time, there are plenty of chances that you end up in having different shades and a reflection upon the entire wall.

Never Use Paint Brush for Touch Ups:

Secondly, you should never use paint brush to apply touchups, no matter how you apply the paint. If you use a brush while touching up the wall, even on the brand new circumstances, chances are that the brush mark is showing up in the middle of the wall. It is a good choice to use a roller while doing a paint touch up in the middle of the wall. It provides you with the same texture consistently throughout the wall.

Hide All Scratches from the Wall:

Thirdly, you need to repair all scratches with good plaster in interior wall before applying a touchup. You need to repair the scratches even if the wall is in good condition. Once the plaster is dried properly, you need to smooth the wall by using dry sandpaper. You need to make sure that there is no hump on the wall and it is transitioning smoothly in to the painted wall.

Use Paint Roller instead of Brush:

Fourthly, use a mini roller for any touch up work you conduct on your interior wall. A mini roller is a nice tool that is very handy and provides easy and quick touch up solution.

If you are interested in learning more about touchup ideas, you can consider contacting Eliicott City painters and Clarksville painters.

Having paint work done on your home is a fantastic way to protect your exterior and beautify your interior.

There are four questions you need to ask before letting any painter start work on your home.

1. Can you give me both recent and long term references?

References will help you determine the painter’s ability to perform.

2. What is your Maryland Home Improvement Commission License?

The MHIC number should be clearly visible on your proposal. It is illegal in the state of Maryland to perform painting and other home improvements without this license.

3. How long is the work guaranteed?

When exterior work is not guaranteed, it is usually a sign that the contractor will use inferior paint or not properly prepare the surfaces.

4. Can I get a comprehensive, written estimate?

The scope of work should include areas to be finished, type of material, number of coats and special surface preparation.

Angus Sheldon

We stain a lot of exterior houses in Baltimore. They are usually located in neighborhoods such as Cedarcroft, Roland Park or Mt. Washington.

The 4 biggest mistakes we see made in staining these houses are the following:

1. The paint contractor (trying to do his/her very best) power washes the house with too much water pressure. The wood absorbs the water and never fully dries before the new coating is applied. The home owner wonders why their new coating is peeling when it never has before. The reason is the moisture trapped in the wood forces its way out through the newly applied coating.

2. The paint contractor applies paint over the previously stained surfaces without priming the surface. The new coating does not stick properly and starts to fail. If possible, clean the surface in the least aggressive way possible and apply stain suitable for cedar shakes.

3. The paint contractor does not clean the sides at all before applying the new stain. The paint does not adhere to the surface because the coating was not applied over a clean, sound surface. This is evident when there is peeling on the house and behind the peeling paint is dirt and algae. This can not be stressed enough – clean the cedar shakes with a cleaning agent designed for cedar and lightly rinse.

4. The painter caulks the cedar shakes to the house. The cedar shakes are suppose to breath. They are made to expand and contract with the temperature changes. Many painters mistakenly caulk these surfaces not allowing them to breath. This traps in moisture causing future peeling problems. Caulking a home should usually be done around windows and doors not the cedar shakes.

We hope this list was helpful, as always it is best to hire an experienced professional to stain cedar shakes. Always ask for references of projects that are similar to the one you would like done.

Angus Sheldon