Repainting old aluminum siding is often a cost-effective decision, instead of replacing it. Aluminum siding is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion and mold. However, there comes a situation when the aluminum siding becomes old and discolored. Also, there are times when theTips for Painting Aluminum Siding aluminum siding may be chalking or even bare to metal. All these are very normal and the best way fight against these problems is to repaint your aluminum siding. In most cases, aluminum siding problems are due to regular wear and tear and it can be painted instead of replaced.

Why Repaint Aluminum Siding Instead of replacing it?

When your aluminum siding faces problems like being discolored or faded surface, dirty or stained, or it is absolutely bare to the metal, it is possible to revamp the same by only repainting it. These types problems are not big issues as long as you use good quality paint for aluminum siding. When you apply good quality paint on aluminum siding, it creates a hard, thick scratch resistant film, which actually prolongs the lifespan of the aluminum siding.

The Advantages of Repainting Aluminum Siding:

Repainting your aluminum siding is a great solution if done correctly. Under normal circumstances, a properly repainted aluminum siding will last for over 10 years. In most cases, the professional painting contractors will suggest power washing the aluminum siding prior to painting. This is an essential job as this helps to increase the lifespan of the siding. You will get a better result if you can hand scrub the entire surface of the aluminum siding by using a mild detergent powder. However, many homeowners want to skip this step as this is very time-consuming process and requires a lot of physical effort.

Also, some painting contractors add some bonding additives to the paint before applying it on the aluminum siding. By doing this they actually want to skip the power washing and the hand scrubbing steps entirely. However, this is not always recommended as this type of solution may not be effective as the paint still needs an even surface with which to bind. If done correctly, repainting your aluminum siding is always cost-effective.

Hiring a Pro:

As mentioned earlier repainting aluminum siding is a complex project which needs a lot of prep work. Therefore this project is challenging for the DIY homeowners. To ensure the success of this project, it is important that you hire a professional painting contractor who has extensive experience in working in this field.

The front door of your house needs some sort of exterior wood protection to prevent it from getting old. This can happen especially when the front door is exposed to harsh weather condition. A lack of exterior wood protection on wooden front doors may actually lead to the damage togloss front door your front door. The best way to revamp and rejuvenate the look and feel of your front door is to apply a thick coat of paint on it. Paint can actually prevent the door from being warped. Once you repair the potential damages of your front door, there comes the part of choosing the best paint color and paint finish for the door.

When it comes to choosing the best paint color for the front door, most people go for high gloss paint. If you take a glance at the front door of your neighborhood house, the high gloss paint door is bound to catch your attention. Literally, a high gloss front door will surely boost your curb appeal, no matter which area you’re in.

Gloss Paint Looks Good on Front Doors:

When you see a front door lacquered up in high gloss paint, it can feel like the most glam look in the globe. Although high gloss paint provides the door with a newer look, it is actually the most traditional finish you use. According to the paint experts, high gloss paint is highly durable and recommended for front doors because they have a tough enamel-like finish.

Highly Durable:

Another important reason why you should choose gloss paint for the front door is that of their durability. Due to this, high gloss paint is good to use in high traffic areas like a front door. Also, the gloss paint dries to such a hard surface that it is very easy to clean. The front door receives a great amount of traffic and it is prone to be exposed to the dust and grease. With glossy surface, you can very easily wipe off the dust and grease by using a small piece of cloth.

Reflects Light:

High gloss paints are used for front doors because it reflects light. Because of the high sheen, they always look like new and grab the attention of people. Oil based gloss paint creates a hard surface which is very resistant to scratching and is easily washable. Also, these types of paints can stand up under the exposure to salt and moisture content in the air.

With thousands of colors to choose from, it really becomes difficult for the homeowners to choose the perfect paint for their home. When it comes to choosing a paint color for home, there are many different thoughts that come to your mind. From choosing a paint entry door colorColor Consultation that matches the trim color to decide whether to choose between an eggshell and satin paint, it’s always an uphill task. One brilliant way to avoid this situation is to have a color consultation with a trained consultant.

What Does A Color Consultant Do?

There are lots of painting contractors that send their customers to a paint store to select colors by using small paint chips. This is not a helpful approach and it becomes really difficult for the homeowners to make decisions about right paint color by using small paint chips. The process is so uncertain that homeowners always want to stick with their current colors just because they are afraid to experiment with new colors. A color consultant can be very helpful in this situation since he/she can help you choose the perfect color for your home.

In many cases, the color consultants can come to your home or office to inspect the area to be painted. As a part of this process they may ask you about your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes etc. In fact, the color consultant can help you choose a paint color that enhances the architectural features of your home while complementing your furniture. The color consultant actually helps you make your decisions based on your tastes and lifestyle.

Why Is Color Consultation Helpful?

As a homeowner you must know that paint color is the most important thing that improves the aesthetic appeal of any room. However, as there are so many paint colors to choose from in the market, the task becomes really difficult to pick up the right one. In most of the cases, homeowners apply guesswork and select a random color to give it a try. With a professional color consultant you can actually avoid this guesswork. As they are professionals, the color consultants know the effects you are actually looking for and can suggest you the right paint that fulfills your requirement. Unlike you, the professionals will take every single part of your room into account when choosing a paint color for a room. The color that the consultant chooses will surely complement the trim, ceiling, floors, and even the furniture of the room.

It’s always hard to find a washer that will provide results beyond the average. However, according to the experts, hot water pressure washing cleans the surfaces much better than the standard pressure washing when it comes to handling commercial cleaning jobs. No matter whereHot Water Pressure Washing vs Standard Pressure Washing you use, hot water pressure washing offers most efficient, cost-saving, eco-friendly results. This type of pressure washing is guaranteed to deliver the best cleaning results and lower down the time you spend to clean the surfaces.

Heat, Agitation & Soap:

Hot water pressure washing creates a strong balance of three key elements of cleaning – heat, agitation, and soap. With the perfect balance of heat, agitation, and soap, it delivers a pressure cleaning result beyond the results. Heat creates a high-speed molecular action that causes the cleaning agent to be more active. Heat also reduces water’s surface tension so it can easily penetrate the molecule level of dirt and grease. The impact that comes from the water pressure actually hits the surface which creates an action similar to hand scrubbing. The soap that presents in the hot water chemically breaks the bond between dirt and the surface.

Hot Water Produces Better Result:

Hot water pressure washing offers a more hygienic approach to cleaning. Ordinary pressure washing can usually achieve the desired result when combined with a cleaning agent and in a longer time. On the contrary, hot water pressure washing cleans the surface on half of the time. Heat actually accelerates the chemical process and allows for an increase in chemical reaction speed when the temperature of the water is increased. Once hot water is applied, the residue starts to break.

Hot water pressure washing can save up to 35% of your time. Also, with hot water pressure washing, the less cleaning agent is required, which is cost-efficient and eco-friendly as well.

Where to Use Hot Water Pressure Washing?

Hot water pressure washing is the best when you have to clean engines, automotive parts, or literally any surfaces with oil and greases. Hot water melts the grease and oil, but normal pressure washing only pushes it away. Combined with detergent powder, hot water pressure washing can be very effective in many applications. The golden rule is to use hot water pressure washing to clean the surface better and faster. With regular use of hot water pressure washing, you will surely be extremely pleased with the end result.

The colors that you put on your office walls can profoundly affect how productive you are. According to the researchers, each color affects differently your mind, for example, blue works on the mind, yellow effects on your emotions, red has a direct impact on the body, green on yourPaint Colors to Inspire Productivity balance etc. You can easily combine these colors on your work to influence your behavior and to be more productive.

Actually, any color that you use on the walls in your workplace, travels to you on wavelengths of photons. These types of wavelength strike our eyes in different ways. In our eyes, the wavelengths are basically converted into electrical impulses that pass to a part of the brain. Therefore, it is scientifically true that color profoundly affects your behavior and can help us be more productive.

Mentioned below are the colors that help us to be more productive:

Blue as a Productive Color:

If you type the keyword “most productive color”, the search result will suggest blue as the most productive color. Literally, blue is the most effective color when it comes to stimulating one’s mind. When applied to the walls of your workplace, it would probably make you more productive. Paint experts also suggest mixing blue with a bit of orange as it adds a great sense of balance and introduces a bit of emotion.

Yellow for Creativity:

If you are a designer and want to add color to your workplace, you should look no further than yellow. Yellow is ideal for creative people as it can stimulate one’s ego as well as spirit. Yellow is also good for the creative work as it makes an individual more optimistic.

Red Increases Productivity:

If you want to add more productivity in your workplace, you can apply red on the walls. If there is a color that can increase productivity by doing something physical, red is the same. This is a color that can make anyone more productive than either blue or yellow, as it stimulates one’s mind physically. Therefore, if you have a workplace with a bunch of employees, you may go for red as it will stimulate people’s strength.

Green for Balance:

The green color is perfect for an environment where having a strong balance is important. In such situation, green can be the most productive color as it’s so balanced and calming. Therefore, you can use green in a workplace that is bit crowdy.

When it comes to choosing the perfect paint color for office walls, you must remember that colors can elicit a variety of emotions and it canDurable Paint for Office Walls affect the mood and output of your staff. In most of the times, most office walls are painted in white, off-white and gray. However, according to the color experts, white might not be a good choice for office walls as it may affect a staff’s mood and can even hinder a staff’s effectiveness. This is the reason most modern office walls are not painted in white as it doesn’t help us to be productive.

Mentioned below are some of the most durable paint color choices for office walls:

Red for Performance Improvement:

A recent study says that red in the office walls stimulate the pulses of the employees and can raise the blood pressure, which helps them to give their best. A vibrant red in office wall can help increase performance in employees who have detail-oriented assignments. Red is also durable and prevents the cost of frequent repainting.

Blue for Creativity:

According to the color experts, blue is a symbol of calm. It also promotes communication, trust, and efficiency. Therefore, when used in office walls, blue helps people to do creative things by opening the mind to new ideas. In offices, blue walls could be more effective in a room that is usually used for brainstorming, suggestions and market research.

Green for Innovation:

Similar to the blue walls, green also creates a calming effect when applied on office walls. Green is also good for office walls as it improves harmony and balance. Most employers use green in office walls to enhance creative performance, according to a recent study. Green could be the best choice for offices where innovation is the key component.

Use Benjamin Moore Scuff X in High Traffic Office Environment:

If you have an office that receives a high amount of traffic every day and you still want a durable paint to apply on the office walls, you can go for Benjamin Moore Scuff x. This is a great interior latex paint which is specially engineered to resist scuff marks in high traffic, commercial environments. This paint offers superior scuff-resistance without a strong odor. When applied in office walls, Benjamin Moore Scuff x offers a durability that you cannot get with other ordinary brands. Therefore, Benjamin Moore Scuff x is now considered as a trusted solution for commercial painting contractors.

According to a recent research, 10% of the homeowners get sicker or contract a serious illness during their stay in the hospital after coming into Anti Microbial Paintcontact with germs many of which are on painted surfaces. Due to this problem, paint manufacturers and home innovation specialists have talked for years about making antimicrobial paint to reduce unwanted illness.

There are many paint manufacturers and powder coating companies that have strengthened their efforts to create an anti-microbial paint that is able to prevent bacteria growth. Although it was first developed for the hospitals, anti-microbial coatings have now started to make an even bigger entry into homes.

What is Anti-Microbial Paint?

Anti-microbial paint is a specially formulated paint which contains an antimicrobial agent. This type of paint has the ability to prevent the micro-organisms growth on the interior surfaces like kitchen and bathroom. This type of paint not only prevents microbial and bacteria growth on the surfaces but also helps prevent mold and mildew growth. This type of paints is actually made by using biocides to maintain the product’s integrity from microbial attack. The biocides content available in this type of paint provides a protection against any fungal or bacterial growth.

Anti-microbial paint also maintains the aesthetic beauty of your home as it creates a beautiful atmosphere with a highly durable surface. Surfaces painted with anti-microbial coatings can even withstand the inevitable wear and tear that occurs in the bathroom and kitchen walls.

Benefits of Using Anti-Microbial Paint:

Anti-microbial paints are actually made with antimicrobial materials that are usually embedded within the paint. This not only prevents the microbes that grow on the surfaces but also reduce the airborne contaminants. This type of paints also reduces 99% of the pathogens that are present in the air. By applying this type of paint on the surfaces of your home, you can actually create a protection that lasts as long as the expected lifespan of the paint product.

Anti-Microbial Paint Should Always Be Applied By a Commercial Painter:

To get the best result, you always need to apply anti-microbial paint under the supervision of a professional painter or have a professional commercial painter to apply this type of paint on the surfaces. Professional painters actually know the rules as to how to properly apply anti-microbial paints in hospital, bathroom, and kitchen environments and therefore can take all safety precautions.

Crown molding can be a great addition to any room. However, unlike kitchen and bathrooms, installing crown molding to increase the value of your home, often doesn’t offer the great value of cost, if not done properly. The rule of installing crown molding to any room is to do the same inCrown Molding Ideas such a way so that the ceiling looks higher. If installed by the professionals, crown molding makes any room more finished and the home appears more interesting than it would without the molding. By following the below-mentioned crown molding rules you can enhance almost any room.

Avoid Too Much Upgrade:

In most cases, homeowners make a mistake by going overboard with upgrades. No matter how beautiful your home is, if you live in a mid-range neighborhood and try to apply high-quality finishes, it will never increase value enough so that you get the best return on investment. Therefore, you always need to choose a crown molding style that is normal or average in your area. In order to do the same, you can try looking at the recently sold and open crown molding listings. This is something that can provide you with the idea as to what the local homeowners are responding to as well as what type of crown molding are being used inside your neighbor’s homes.

Follow the Overall Style of Your Home:

It is true that you must follow the styles of your neighborhood houses, but you also need to make sure that the crown molding you choose matches the overall style of your home. Usually, you can choose ornate, detailed, or large crown molding, if you have a traditional home. On the other hand, modern homes and homes with craftsman-style look the best with cleaner lines. When installing crown molding, you should also consider the height of your ceiling. For examples, the ceilings that have less than 10 feet height, should have 1 inch or less in crown molding height.

Hire a Professional:

The golden rule of installing crown molding is to hire the professionals if you don’t have a fair understanding of geometry and woodworking skills. Crown molding is considered among one of the most less-expensive upgrades homeowners do, at least when it comes to the cost of professional labor. If it is done poorly, crown molding can add nothing to your home and may even detract from the value.

There are some particular times in a year when you get an excellent opportunity to spruce up your home’s interior and exterior. But if you have limited time and resources, or if you want to get the best resale value, it’s important to prioritize the focus of your home improvement projects.Affordable Home Improvement Ideas Not all home improvement projects are equal. Therefore, you need to choose your project wisely to get the best return on investment. Mentioned below are three important home improvement projects that not only add an aesthetic value to your property but offer the best return on investment.

Entry Door Replacement:

The main entrance of your home is the most important thing that draws the maximum attention from the visitor. This is the most important thing that the potential homebuyer will first notice. Therefore, it is important to consider replacing or repairing your existing entry door. When it comes to choosing the best material for an entry door, you can choose between steel or fiberglass as they both offer great functionality, durability, energy efficiency, security, and even versatility in style.

Exterior Painting:

Exterior paints have improved over the past few decades. Modern exterior paints are more durable than their past counterparts. However, there are times when you need to repaint the exterior of your home to protect it from cracking and fading. Exterior paints are usually exposed to sun, rain, wind, and snow for years, and are prone to cracking and fading. This is the reason why you need to repaint the exterior of your home to get the best return on investment. However, you should consider applying a standard quality paint to get the best value, because the cheaper paints don’t last as long and you’ll need to repaint sooner.

Garage Door Replacement:

A recent Cost vs. Value report shows that the most important home improvement project that delivers the best return on investment is a garage door replacement. Garage door replacement is ideal for those homeowners who want better noise control, greater security, and look for the spectacular way to improve the curb appeal and convenience of the home. When it comes to garage door replacement, you may either choose from the traditional options or go for the modern innovations. Newer offerings are available that allows you to install smart garage door technology that can sync with your cellphone to offer conveniences like voice control and notifications.

The paint colors that you apply on the walls in your home can have a huge impact on your mood. Colors are directly attached to the emotions and there is proof that certain colors can alter human mood. For example, there are certain shades that will bring your mood down, shades thatHappy Paint Colors can help you feel relaxed, shades that suppress your appetite etc. Therefore, it is important to choose the best color that reflects your moment of happiness and help you connect with the paint. Mentioned below are some examples of a paint color that can make you feel happier.

Yellow Brings Happiness:

Yellow is always associated with cheeriness. When applied on the walls of your home, it offers a subtle luminous quality that feels like warm sun rays. Bright yellow also awaken all five senses of a person. You can always consider applying yellow on your interior walls as it is the source of non-stop positive energy and creates a feeling of happiness. When it comes to choosing best shades of yellow, you must remember that there are many different shades and hues of yellow. Therefore, it is important to consult with a paint expert so that he/she can advise you in choosing the perfect shade of yellow.

Sky Blue Renews Energy:

You usually would like to curl up in your room and sky blue is the best option when it comes to revoking your energy. Light airy blue creates a calming effect and helps to restore natural energy. Natural blue connects sleep to productivity and improves the overall well being. Also, blue provides soothing and restorative qualities that can help improve rest and ultimately makes you feel happier.

Violet Black for Cheerfulness:

For some people, violet-black appears little dark and moody, but the presence of a violet in your room can make you feel relaxed just like the hidden undertone of violet in deep night sky draws you in and provides a sense of retreat and relaxation. Violet black also offers a vibrant effect and helps create a place for focus and reflection.

Actually, a perfect blend of color provides balance and harmony, which in turns creates a soothing effect and helps you feel happier. Right paint color also brings positive energy into your mind and stimulates personal feeling. As a result, you feel energized and happy just looking at the wall color.