When it comes to a paint project, ceilings are often overlooked. However, you can make your room look larger or make it more appealing by applying a paint color in the ceiling. If applied properly, a new ceiling paint has the ability to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the entire room and have a commendable effect on the remaining space below.

There is a difference between the ceiling paint and regular interior paint. Ceiling paints are produced with an intention to provide the room with a uniform surface. Ceiling paints also have the ability to hide all imperfections and give a clean finish.

Flat Paint Vs. Eggshell Paint – Which one to use for ceilings?

Eggshell paints are made with a light sheen and usually have 25-40% gloss. Although paint experts recommend the use of eggshell paints in any other paint projects, they are not suitable to use on ceilings. The reason behind this is that the eggshell paints reflect light and therefore, you should not use it on ceilings. The best place where you can apply eggshell paint is the front doors, window sills etc. Also, you can use gloss and semi-gloss paint to get a better result when it comes to painting your front door.

On the contrary, flat paint offers a chalky, matte finish that doesn’t reflect light. Therefore, flat paint is a good choice when it comes to applying on ceilings. Flat paint actually lowers down the light glare, making it an appropriate choice for ceilings. Apart from that, since flat paint doesn’t reflect light, they are good enough to hide any type of imperfection, surface bumps, dings, scratches, and scrapes on your ceiling. You can use flat paint to touch up an already painted ceiling. Flat paint blends so easily that you cannot notice the new paint, making it an inevitable choice for touchups.

Flat ceiling paint can be a worthwhile purchase, especially when you have a ceiling with so many problems, for e.g. mold and scratches. Flat ceiling paints are bit costlier than normal wall paint, but they are useful when it comes to painting your ceilings.

Which Color to Use on Ceiling?

Most homeowners prefer to use white for ceilings. Using white for the ceilings of your room give it a feel like large and limitless. Also, you can use any dark color on your ceilings when you wish to create a feel like the illusion of infinity.

Choosing the best paint for the ceiling of your home is the most difficult task. In most cases, homeowners remain confused while choosing the right paint for the ceiling. If you choose wrong paint for your ceiling, it can ruin the aesthetic appeal of the entire room. Therefore, it isFlat Paint On Ceilings recommended to do complete research before choosing the right paint for the ceiling of your home.

According to the professional painters and home improvement experts, ceilings should always be painted in a flat paint. For example, you can use a matte acrylic paint for the ceiling of your home. There are several reasons behind choosing a flat paint on ceilings. Some of them are mentioned below:

Flat Paint Will Not Reflect Light:

The ceiling of the home acts as the center and increases the beauty of a room. If you use flat paint on ceilings, it will not reflect light or draw attention away from the wall as well as other room furniture. On the contrary, if you use dark heavy color for the ceiling of your room, it will catch the most of the attention and ruin the aesthetic value of the room.

Ceilings Don’t Receive Much Wear and Tear:

The ceiling of your room is something that doesn’t receive much wear and tear. Therefore, you should not necessarily use a glossy, durable paint on the ceilings. You can use any durable flat paint on ceilings and it will remain intact for years. However, make sure you choose the high-quality paint that is durable enough to last longer.

Flat Paint is good for Old House:

If you are staying in an old house and if you have many different architectural blemishes in the ceiling, flat paint is ideal for the ceiling. In such cases, flat paint hides the imperfections that the older ceilings might have and gives a newer look to the entire house.

Flat Paint Dries Evenly:

Unlike other types of paints, flat paint dries faster and more evenly. As a result, the end result will be perfect and beautiful. When it comes to choosing the right paint color for the ceiling of your home, it is entirely up to you which color to choose for the ceilings. However, in most cases, homeowners choose a flat white or ivory paint as it looks better on the ceiling.