If you have a small bedroom, you may think that you can only use white as a suitable color for the walls. However, if you love colors, there are many other colors to use into your small bedroom to make it look larger as well as brighten the same. There are many paint colors that you can incorporate into a small room without overwhelming the space.

It’s actually a misconception that a small room must be painted in white so that it looks larger. However, the truth is that you can actually use any color that you find relaxing. While homeowners with small rooms often stick to white colors, today’s professional painters encourage the use of dark colors in a small room, just because it’s your personal space.

Go for Dark Colors:

Dark colors are actually a very good option for a small room as they can camouflage the size of the space. When it comes to choosing a particular dark color for your small bedroom, you may stick with one that soothes your taste and makes you feel like you’re in a comfortable space. Dark colors like blue, red, greens and even the darker neutral shades suit the best in a small bedroom and it also brightens the room. One golden rule when choosing a dark color for a small room is to use layers of varying shades that compliments with the same color in your trim. Your wall color should also compliment with the floors, rugs and window treatments in your room.

Use Earth Tones or Neutral Colors:

You can use earth tones or neutral colors for a small bedroom. These types of shades work the best if you are fond of softer shades like grey, green, yellow. Neutral colors like yellow or grey can actually enlighten a small room because these shades can make the wall visually recede into the background. This makes the room appear bigger and also brings attention to the other accessories in the room.

Shades of White:

Although used by most of the homeowners with a small room, white can literally work well in a small space. White color goes with any room accessories and can actually brighten a small space. However, you need to be careful while using stark white as these types of shades can make the bedroom feel cold. If you want some variations, you can use some different types of soft colors like cream, butter, or ivory.

People always desire a spacious home, filled with modern furniture and colorful walls. The reality is quite different and at most of the times, people have to console their desire by purchasing a not so spacious house. However, the good news is you can make your small room lookcolors that open up a room spacious by applying good paint color on the walls. If your bedroom feels cramped, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have no ways to make it look larger.

A room’s size is a matter of perception and you can always create an illusion of space by applying tricky color on its walls. Mentioned below are some examples that you can follow to make a room look bigger.

Pure White:

Pure white is always in the market, not only because it’s soothing, but it has the ability to make a smaller place look bigger. By using white on your walls, you can even turn the smallest rooms feel a bit large. There is a scientific reason behind this – white actually reflects sunlight and the room feels brighter and spacious. By applying white paint color on your walls, you also get the opportunity to decorate the walls.

Natural Yellow:

Just as the white does, yellow also reflects light and can provide a small room with a space-enhancing effect. Therefore, if you do not want to use white as your wall color, you can use natural yellow to get the best effect. Yellow can be a better alternative to white and can make a small room look bigger. If you wish for a little diversity, you can combine yellow with white accents. These types of shades will surely add a dimension to your room.

Sea Blue and Green:

Blue and green can provide the same effect when applying on the walls of a small room. Both blue and green offer brightness and depth and therefore can make any small room look bigger. Painting your room walls in sea blue or foam green will give you a chance to add dimension to your smaller room. This will also create an illusion of distance.


If normal white or yellow don’t appear as fancy to your mind and you still want to make your small room look bigger, you can use gray. The walls of a small room, if covered with gray, will appear as larger. You should use a soft calming shade of gray as it bounces sunlight around the room to make the room look bigger.

The right paint color can actually accomplish a lot for a room of all sizes. A good paint color can impress everyone in the room and bring good energy to your living space. On the other hand, choosing a wrong paint color actually, create a negative impression.Best Wall Colors for Small Rooms

Choosing the best wall colors for small rooms is actually a bit tricky. A well-chosen wall color can make a room feel much bigger that it really is, on the other hand, if you cannot choose a proper wall color for a small room, it will actually ruin the entire effect. You shouldn’t be afraid of bringing color into your small room, where you can use the best paint colors to create a cozy or soothing retreat.

People often think that white is an only color option for small bedrooms. However, the truth is, if you love colors, there are many ways to incorporate the same into your small bedroom without it overwhelming the small space.

Also, there is a misconception that a small room should always be painted in white to make it look larger. However, the reality is that you can use any color that you find relaxing for a small room. It is also true that there are many homeowners with small rooms and they usually stay away from dark colors. However, modern designers advise using any color you prefer, even the dark colors. Mentioned below are some important color ideas for small rooms.

Use Saturated Hue:

According to the professionals and paint experts, choosing all-round colors can actually make a small room feel larger. You can use a saturated hue on the walls as it can be perfect for small spaces. The most important key is to keep a balance between the colors with the softer neutrals so that the room doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Gray and Blue Shades:

The use of gray and blue shades can also help visitors think that the room is actually more expensive that it is. If you paint the walls and trim in the same paint color, it can actually make your ceiling look taller.


Another important paint color that you can use for the walls in a small room is a skylight. Skylight is actually an amazing color that gives a clean and light gray-blue appearance. Cool colors like skylight actually provide your room with a fresher and brighter feeling. On the other hand, warm colors create a feeling of intimacy and softness.