Aluminum siding is a widely used home façade and it is popular because of its all-weather durability. Also, many homeowners prefer to use aluminum siding as it requires very little maintenance. However, there are times when you may notice that the paint of your aluminum siding has started to peel or it looks a little outdated. This is the time when you may want to go for a little change.

The good news is that you can now very easily change the look and feel of your aluminum siding by applying a fresh coat of paint. Yes, painting your aluminum siding is relatively easy. All you need is a good cleaning, a good quality primer, and paint.

Cleaning the Aluminum Siding:

Cleaning your aluminum siding in the proper way makes sure that the paint and primer stick to the siding. Cleaning also ensures that you get a very smooth finish. Cleaning your aluminum siding before painting is also necessary as you may notice chalky dust on its surface. Also, dirt and grease may collect on the siding over time.

In order to clean your aluminum siding surface, you can use a mixture of trisodium phosphate and water. For the instruction, you can follow the directions mentioned on the TSP package correctly. If you have a small house, you can use a soft cloth or sponge and scrub the siding by your hand, but for a bigger house, you should go for pressure washing.

Repair All Defects:

Paint cannot cover up the defects and damages on the siding. Therefore, it is important to repair all defects and damages before you apply the first coat of paint on your aluminum siding. For example, you must scrape away any peeling paint to make the siding smooth. In order to blend the scraped areas, you can use sandpaper and gently sand the edges. If there are more severe damage, you may need to replace that particular section of the aluminum siding with a new one.

Painting the Aluminum Siding:

Acrylic latex paint is considered the best type of paint for aluminum siding. You should choose a paint which is recommended for using on metal. Satin or flat finish paint will go well for aluminum siding. This is because a gloss paint finish may attract more attention to dents and blemishes in the aluminum siding. It is important to use a paintbrush or roller. A paintbrush will be better for smaller areas. In order to get good coverage, you should apply at least two coats of paint on the siding.

Aluminum siding became popular during the World War II when this metal became more readily available. Aluminum was so popular because of its weather protection as well as insulating properties. In comparison to wood siding, aluminum requires very little maintenance. However,Painting Aluminum Siding one major problem that comes with aluminum siding is that it is prone to denting and its color fades relatively quickly.

If you live in an aluminum-clad home, you should replace your siding. Aluminum remains a low-maintenance, first-rate insulating barrier against the weather. As long as your aluminum siding is performing well, you should consider preserving it by cleaning, patching, and painting the faded aluminum siding. You can spruce up the exterior of your home by painting your faded aluminum siding.

Preparing Aluminum Siding Surface:

Before you paint your faded aluminum siding, you need to prepare the surface well. It is important to scrape off peeling and flaking paint and then clean out all old caulk lines and apply new ones. You should scrub away any mildew by using a mixture of mild detergent and water. It is also important to remove all dirt and grease by hand-washing the aluminum siding with detergent and warm water. Alternatively, if you want to complete the job of surface preparation, you can rent a professional painter who will use power washer. You just need to be sure to accessorize the tool by using a low-pressure tip and be careful to direct the water stream directly at the siding.

Painting the Faded Aluminum Siding:

Priming is important to get a successful aluminum siding paint job. For the best result, you can use galvanized metal etching primer. Start by applying the primer with a synthetic polyester paintbrush. The priming job should cover the full surface area. You should allow the primer to cure for a minimum of couple of hours.

When it comes to paint faded aluminum siding, you should use 100% acrylic exterior paint. You need to use a brush first to paint the edges and then proceed with a roller. Dip the roller by pouring a few inches of paint into a tray. You need to run the roller back and forth over the faded area in order to ensure that paint gets evenly distributed over the surface. It is important to move the paint roller from left to right if the siding is horizontal, or up and down if the siding is vertically oriented.