Painting your home is a huge expense, but you should never make a mistake of selecting a paint contractor based only on money. If you are too much concerned about saving money, you might end up selecting an unlicensed, unprofessional, and inexperienced painter that will end up costing you more money.

There are many different things that you need to consider when selecting a painting contractor. For example, you should ask the painter about their insurance policy, license, and even about the materials that they are going to use in your paint project. The main reason behind this is to judge the quality of the painting contractor. However, the best thing to judge the quality of a painting contractor is to check the references.

Importance of Checking References:

Checking painting contractor references is very important as they give you a genuine idea as to how the painter deals with their customers. The golden rule is to check at least 5 references before hiring a professional painter. You need to ask the painting contractor to provide you with at least 3-5 references of paint projects they completed in the past six months. If they cannot provide you with the same, you should not hire them as your house painter.

How to Check the References?

Once you receive references from the painting contractor, make sure you call them and ask some basic questions. It is Important to ask them some basic questions about the quality of the paintwork and how satisfied they are with that particular painting contractor. If they are satisfied with the painting contractor, this is a good proof that the painting contractor offers the best quality of services to their customers. Make sure you call at least 5 references and ask questions like whether they enjoyed working with the painter, or if they were comfortable leaving them in their house, whether the staffs were friendly, etc. Apart from the physical references, you can also go and check what the customers are saying about the painting contractors in different review sites such as Yelp.

This is not going to be a waste of time to check references you got from the painting contractor, especially when you ask the proper questions. It is important to make a short list of right questions before you make the call and make sure the references that you are given with had hired the painting contractor for the similar type of paint job like yours.

Painting your house interior or exterior is a difficult task and you should only hire the right contractor to complete the job. There could be a number of good painting contractors in your area and choose the best ones is not always easy. However, you can get rid of this problem by visiting the painting contractor’s office in person and ask them few questions related to the paint job. Taking few moments to visit theHome Owner Should Ask Their Painter contractor’s office in person and asking some important questions could save you both money and frustration by avoiding a bad contracting experience. Mentioned below are 5 deadly questions that can help you to easily separate a good contractor from the inexperienced ones.

Question #1: Are you licensed, contractor?

As a consumer, you should never work with a painting contractor that doesn’t have a valid license to work in your area. If you are not sure about this type of licensed contractor, kindly ask your friends and relatives for a reference. You need to ask the contractor to show you their valid license when meeting them in person. If the contractor is reluctant to show you their license, please stay away with them as they might be a dishonest one.

Question #2: Do I need to be concerned with your painters in my home?

There have been a number of instances where the homeowner is burglarized by a dishonest crew working at his/her home. Therefore, you should be concerned about the crews that the painting contractor is going to send to your home. Ask the contractor to provide you basic information about the painting crews who will be working at your home.

Question #3: Do you use branded materials?

The quality of the paint job largely depends on the quality of the materials used by the painting contractors. It is true that there is a huge difference in quality between a good quality branded paint product and a substandard product. Also, there are some specific coatings that should be used for specific applications. Before you sign a contract with the painting contractor, you should clearly ask them about the materials they are going to use for the paint project. If they use cheap substandard materials, please stay away with the contractors.

Question #4: How will my paint project be managed?

In many cases, the painting contractor doesn’t personally involve with the paint project and hire some sub-contractors to complete the project. This is fine, provided that the painting contractor you are dealing with has a good system to manage your project.

Question #5: How much experience do your employees have?

Perhaps the most important indicator of a paint project is the experience of the employees who are involved in your paint project. Ask your contractor whether they provide their employees with special training. You should also ask the contractor about the experience of the employees.